Name That Pirate!

Okay, okay, I know he’s supposed to be a ‘crew member’ – but this rather random chap stuck halfway up the Cutty Sark’s masts looks just like a pirate to me. I’m not sure if he’s going to get a friend or whether he’s just on his own up there, but he’s certainly odd. Feels a bit like a 1980s ‘museum-experience,’ putting mannequins around the ship, but I think I like him.

Poor guy doesn’t seem to have a name though. Any suggestions? No coming over all Captain Pugwash, now (fnaar) – keep ‘em clean, eh…

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pirate up the cutty sark
pirate up the cutty sark

pirate up the cutty sark longshot
pirate up the cutty sark longshot

8 Comments to “Name That Pirate!”

  1. Norbert says:

    Brownbeard? Pegface? Ol Willie? Curious Tam?

  2. Capability Bowes says:

    How about we name him after you, Phant?

    Something along the lines of “The Greenwich Plankton”?

  3. That’s ROYAL Greenwich Plankton, if you please, sir!

  4. I like Curious Tam – especially if they reinstate the old Cutty Sark weather vane thing at the top – he can be looking up it…

  5. Capability Bowes says:

    ooops, sorry, your Royal Phantom-ness……

  6. Benedict says:

    Reminds me of the wonderful Anthony Gormley sculptures that were dotted around London and New York a few years ago……

  7. parkkeeper says:

    Such a crime how we dumb ourselves down!
    The kiddies trinket hall at the stern of this once wonderful and unique vessel is a disgrace!
    How long now before we see Ronald McDonald, Jonny Depp, Teletubbies and Churchill the Dog all bolted to the rigging!
    More of these abusive makeovers and soon there will be f*** all of value left!
    Take a walk in the Park and cry.

  8. Grendel says:

    as a person that has met the originator of captain pugwash when parking outside his house I can attest to the fact that any unfortunate names were purely coincidental, and in fact most of the rude names are just an urban myth.
    see the wikipedia entry for the real names
    and the facts of the libel case regarding the names.