Back to the 80s

Thanks to Darra, I can now see what a Surface-to-Air-Missile on Blackheath actually looks like. All the TV News guys seemed to be broadcasting from there yesterday but the main story was (for obvious reasons) the residential flats in Hackney that are getting them on their roofs and the frame was so tight on the Blackheath reports I saw that I couldn’t actually see the (fake for the moment) missiles.

Dunno about you but it’s a bit smaller than I had imagined. I was somehow expecting something of the proportions Steve Bell would draw, a massive nuclear warhead dwarfing a sniggering, mad-eyed Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan on Greenham Common. Of course, I am sure size isn’t everything and they can shoot just as far as the other guys with got longer shafts…

But there is something very 1980s about the whole thing. I’m with the guy who said that watching the warheads arrive made him feel like he was in an old re-run of Doctor Who. He was awaiting the Major, which under the circumstances seems like a reasonable enough thing to do.

Seems like the population’s waiting for him too –  one thing that is different about now is the lack of any kind of political interest on the part of the general public. I remember the 80s as being a time of great general anger, where ordinary people got involved in action, often direct. The miners, Wapping, Greenham. I understand there was a 32% turnout at the polls yesterday and the last of the Parliament protesters is just about to be turfed out because she looks a bit untidy.

Still, I guess we’ve got the 80s back in all the things that matter. Duran Duran is going to be representing England’s ultimate contribution to music at Hyde Park for the Olympics.

Rights or wrongs of having surface to air missiles at the end of the road, there is one hell of an military PR exercise going on this weekend and there is a chance for us to have a nose about inspect the biggest part of the Greenwich side of things, not that we’d get any say in whether or not we actually want them.

Residents are invited to take a free boat trip out to HMS Ocean, moored at Greenwich, on Monday 7th May to see around the ship.

All together now: “I am sailing…”

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Surface to Air Missiles on Blackheath Darra
Surface to Air Missiles on Blackheath Darra

3 Comments to “Back to the 80s”

  1. Benedict says:

    Back to the 80′s? Looks like WWII

  2. RogerW says:

    In the unlikely event that they actually had to launch any of these things…

    … presumably they have to come back down again, somewhere, either in big lumps or small shrapnel size fragments

    … and presumably the same applies to anything they actually hit, that they also have to come down to earth, somewhere

    Erm… where the bloody hell might that be likely to be???

  3. Michael Kaye says:

    I watched one of the launchers today (filmed it in fact). Reminded me of the opening scene of Robocop where one of the weapons goes haywire…let’s hope the same doesn’t happen here.