An Alphabet of Greenwich – E

So we reach a rather trickier letter than one might at first think.

It’s a vowel – it should be easy – but if you cut out anything starting with the words “East” (let’s use the pic above as representing all ‘East Greenwich’s…) it starts getting tricky.

There are always people of course, but should this one be under ‘J’

or this one be under ‘Q’ or even ‘A’?

Ah well, there’s always

and, following in the great tradition of RGT, there never needs to be a relevant reason to include

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Queen elizabeth alms
Queen elizabeth alms

chris roberts
chris roberts

east greenwich fire station
east greenwich fire station

elephants burtons
elephants burtons


12 Comments to “An Alphabet of Greenwich – E”

  1. Pat says:

    Equestrian events
    Eastney St
    Earlswood St
    Edmund Halley Way
    Eastcombe Ave
    Elliscombe Road
    Eastmoor St

  2. methers says:

    Enderby’s Wharf

  3. Ha – okay, then, it’s easy after all…

  4. RogerW says:


  5. JOF says:

    Eltham Palace – Greenwich’s other Tudor royal palace.

    And while you don’t want ‘East Greenwich This’ and ‘East Greenwich That’, what about “East” itself? Surely the home to the meridian confers East-ness on half the globe.

  6. Richard says:

    Egerton Drive

  7. JR says:

    Eating carrot cake at the cafe under the Cutty Sark?

  8. Darren says:

    JR, clearly you need to be a Texan Oil man to afford cake at the Cutty Sark :-)

    How about “expensive”

  9. RobertNumber16 says:

    the EARL grey 1913. Who will be the first to post a pic and say where it is ?

  10. Pat says:

    Earl Grey pub Churchfields SE10 now a private house.I have a photo but having problem attaching it.Sorry!

  11. RobertNumber16 says:

    Pat has got it in one!!

  12. Steve Ho says:

    I heard that siren for the first time this morning (I live by the cutty sark pub). It was much earlier than 7am.