An Alphabet of Greenwich – C

We haven’t had one of these for weeks, months even.

So today,

on a sunny Friday that just can’t last to the weekend (can it..?)

for a bit of fun

Let’s see how many Greenwich things with the letter C

we can think of…

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don't try this at home
don’t try this at home

chris roberts
chris roberts

Crooms Hill hole 1
Crooms Hill hole 1

cork club low
cork club low

cigar warehouse low
cigar warehouse low

chris roberts
chris roberts


Charlton House 1922
Charlton House 1922

16 Comments to “An Alphabet of Greenwich – C”

  1. Interesting background on Olympic arrangements.

    Sorry it’s off-topic. “Committee” starts with a C, though.

  2. Jon Lee says:

    OK I’m lost. What word beginning with C is Chris Roberts supposed to represent?

  3. methers says:

    Jon – I have a few ideas for you, not many of which are suitable for a family blog.

    Other Cs:

    Princess Caroline
    The Chapel of the ORNC
    Deptford Creek
    Christ Church
    Caradoc Street
    Circus Street
    Colomb Street
    Croom’s Hill

  4. Michael Kaye says:

    If anyone hasn’t read the Vanity fair article that Alphonso mentions, then they should.

    Forget C for committee and think C for corrupt.

  5. scared of chives says:

    Circus Field
    Chalk caves
    Jack Cade
    College Approach
    Catherine of Aragon
    The park looking Crap this summer

  6. Franklin says:

    Ahhh, just snorted coffee out my nose! Genius scrolling punchline Phant!

  7. Harriet says:

    Church Street – photo elsewhere on blog.

  8. Capability Bowes says:

    @ Jon Lee.

    Well, it has four letters…..

  9. 16" East says:

    I have been watching them in the distance from my kitchen window on their practice runs… Cable cars!!!

    Ps. Heard their are very rare Charlton house tours tomorrow (Sunday) for £10! Details online somewhere no doubt.

  10. Capability Bowes says:

    @ scared of chives

    Since the lady concerned was Spanish, its more likely to have been Katherine with a K. Or Katerina.

  11. scared of chives says:

    @ Capability Bowes


    Catalina de Aragón

    Catarina d’Aragón

  12. Mary says:

    Can I add in some industrial history bits:

    Corys Barge yard (still there and still at work)

    Cable manufacture (Greenwich’s most important industry and one which changed the world – why do we continue to ignore it?)

    Christie Tar works

    Convoys – closed now, but the last large scale operation on this bit of the river.

    Coles Child – the man who built Lovells Wharf and all the houses in the Pelton Road area.

    Caradoc Street – named for Durham coal owners

    Ceylon Place – the remaining houses from New East Greenwich, built 1801.

    Coombe Farm – stood off Westcombe Hill, mentioned by Pepys.

    Crowley Wharf – named for 18th ironmaster Ambrose Crowley who had a warehousing operation on what we now call Ballast Quay and a big big house on the site of the power station.

    and also:
    Co-operative Development Agency – a leading agency in the field based now in Norman Road.

    I could go on…………….

  13. Capability Bowes says:

    @ Scared of Chives.

    OK, I fess up. What has the lady in question got to do with Greenwhich? Anne of Cleves, yes, but Catherine/Katerina/whatever?

  14. scared of chives says:

    @ CB

    She married Henry VIII in Greenwich, in 1509

  15. 16" East says:

    @ Mary Mills

    Hi Mary,

    Did Coles Child work alongside George Smith, or was he employed by him (and Morden College). I assumed the northern connection explained the Pelton Arms distinctive sign board!


  16. WestCliffGB says:

    Hats off to S.o.C