Greenwich Transport During the Olympics

Just been taking a (very quick) look at LOCOG’s transport plans for this summer’s events.  In general, it’s nothing I didn’t expect and we, as hosts of an international sporting event must accept, but forewarned is forearmed. At the moment it’s at ‘consultation stage’ but they’ve not got much wriggle-room if there’s a problem – I suspect this is deliberate on LOCOG’s part. I’m expecting this to be railroaded through pretty quick. The one thing I would be VERY keen to know is that we will be given plenty of clear, focused information so that we can work around whatever we have to suck up.

I’m not going to reinvent the wheel by going through it all here, but on a quick perusal I note a few things we should look out for:

South Eastern claim they’ll have a max capacity of 11,000 per hour, but bad luck if you want to use Maze Hill station to travel away from London am or to London pm – trains just won’t stop in those directions in the rush hour.

There’s a whole bunch of bus alterations too, mainly locations of stops. I guess as long as it’s well-publicised (and there are notices on the affected stops so people know where to wait), this should be dealable with.

Cutty Sark DLR will be closed because of short platforms.

Residents parking zones, on the whole, will be as usual, with extended hours. I guess businesses that have customers parking outside will have to deal with it.

One thing that will annoy some residents is a list of parking suspensions on various streets around the park who will lose their resident status to allow sundry coach parking/ set down / spectator walking routes/ taxis/ ‘venue operations/ one way systems and ‘games family’ parking (which includes the notorious ‘marketing partners’ –  but then I’m sure Park Row residents will be only too delighted to give up their parking spot for the CEO of MacDonalds…) I wonder if anyone will have the guts to dock their residents’ parking badge payment on a pro-rata basis…

Times of controlled parking zones where residents bays are not suspended will be standardised – 08.30 – 19.00 during the games (something I hope will not become a regular feature)

Similar restrictions will be imposed on the Isle of Dogs so that spectators will not be able to park on the other side and walk across.

I won’t go into road closures – you can find them on the document.

All in all, it’s generally reasonable stuff. We always knew this bit would be unpleasant and frankly, there is no way around some traffic disruption.

But I repeat – we MUST be told about this. I will be expecting something in writing through my door; I don’t want to have to rely on hearsay.

17 Comments to “Greenwich Transport During the Olympics”

  1. Stuart says:

    Cool – so the 2 rail stations closest to the events in the Park (Maze Hill and Cutty Sark) will be closed.

  2. Stuart says:

    Can anyone see any dates in the planning document? I’m guessing the restrictions are only in place for the days the park will be used but I can’t find this info in the PDF.

  3. Mike says:

    The TfL site for Games travel advice is also quite useful

  4. Mike says:

    @Stuart – I think the parking restriction dates are in the tables following page 21. Not sure about the station closures, but they are in the TfL link is just posted.

  5. Richard says:

    The story for Westcombe Park commuters is also bad. Many trains will not stop there at all during the Olympics. So where will we poor commuters have to go…??? To Maze Hill, or Charlton or North Greenwich which will be even busier than usual. Thanks Southeastern.

  6. Nelson's Left Eye says:

    There’s a regular service in both directions all day for Westcombe Park with the longest wait between trains only 30mins, more frequent at peak times. Using another station is totally unnecessary.

  7. Dave says:

    Richard I think you will find that LOCOG is responsible

  8. Franklin says:

    Richard, All

    Commuter services – assuming you commute into town in the morning and back to Greenwich in the evening – will not be disrupted at all. From the LOCOG website:

    “Services to London – A normal morning peak service will be in operation, but no trains will stop between 12noon and 9.45pm during the week, and 12noon to 8.29pm at weekends.

    Services from London – No trains will stop between 6.13am and 12.13pm.”

  9. IslandDweller says:

    Thanks for posting this – hard to keep track of all the changes.
    I notice you mention that there will also be restrictions over here around Island Gardens – but I can’t find a word about that on the Tower Hamlets web site. (Not that this surprises me….)

  10. Capability Bowes says:

    This is nice. The first I found out about the 161 from Eltham not stopping at QE Hospital but careering like a mad thning straight over the common instead was when I was late for an outpatients appointment the other day. Not a single poster up at any bus stop in Eltham – until four days after the service started being diverted.

    And as for getting a bus back from Woolwich to the hospital – better forget it.

  11. Richard says:


    That statement is not true for Westcombe Park. The 8.02am to Charing Cross is cancelled which is a peak train. Trains become every 20mins rather than 10 mins and all go to Cannon Street. If you use Woolwich Dockyard you have no trains at all.

  12. I’m really confused as to why Maze Hill residents have had no information about those peak train changes. Yes, they’re away from the bulk of commuter traffic but some people do commute outwards then return in the pm. To be honest I thought that as long as I was travelling outwards I wouldn’t have to worry about the Olympics chaos. Won’t this just cause more congestion at Greenwich since Maze Hill travellers will have to go inwards to Greenwich to change to an eastbound train? (am) This adds to the London-bound crowds, even if only for one stop.

  13. Franklin says:


    Sorry, you’re absolutely right, I was talking about Greenwich and Maze Hill only.

  14. Paul W says:

    My area has no parking restrictions normally but was included in the controlled zone in the earlier draft proposals. However I can’t see anything about what is now proposed. The document refers to Appendix 6 but this doesn’t seem to be on line. Am I being stupid here?

    Also does anyone know when the consulation ends.

  15. Capability Bowes says:

    @ Paul W – consultation should have ended weeks (if not months) ago. Unfortunately it is only just beginning with less than 100 days to D Day.

  16. James says:

    I attended a Council meeting last night which had a presentation from Mike Freestone whose one of the guys in charge of Transport.

    Basically, nothing is decided yet. Its all up for grabs until the Councillors vote near the end of May. And at the end of the day LOCOG have the final say, thanks to the Olympic Act.

    The general consensus is, its going to be carnage. Lots of disruption, especially in Greenwich. For example, all residents visitor vouchers are going to be temporarily invalid.

    Everyone will need to apply for upto 2 visitor vouchers per household. Both valid for the games period. They hope to manage the entire process of dealing with applicants and sending them out in less than 8wks.


  17. margo smith says:

    Got to Queen Elizabeth Hospital today y cab – tried to get back to Greenwich by bus. No 386 buses running by the main hospital gates. Local woman told me they are changing the bus routes on a daily basis. Manager in Sainsburys Supermarket in Greenwich High Road told my neighbour he had increased some of his prices because this is a ‘visitors’ area. Goodness help the residents – we just don’t matter. No buses, high food prices and some very rude visitors who run out of Greenwich Station as though their lives depended on it. How about some manners!!!