Then and Now (6) – Part One

Dear Mother and Dad

Settling in well at the hospital, though still missing you and George. This is the nurses’ home, just up the hill from work. It’s quite a walk home after a late shift! The other nurses are all very friendly, and there is a cinema just down the hill. Joan and I go when the vampires aren’t too restless. We’re getting through a lot of stakes, I can tell you! ┬áHope you are all well, kiss Fluffy for me, love Ethel.

It’s nice to find unusual postcards of Greenwich, but they’re often unwritten, so I’m forced to invent correspondence that might have been written and it sometimes gets surreal.

The real downside to postcards being unsent is that I have no way of knowing how old this one is. I’m guessing maybe 1930s -50s, mainly from the quality of the photo and the paper. The old nurses’ home up Vanbrugh Hill (now Woodland Heights) was built just after 1927 when Woodlands, a large Victorian mansion was demolished – its lodge still stands, next door.

The nurses’ home wasn’t built on the site of the house itself, but its gardens; there’s a tiny bit of woodland left just behind Maze Hill station (over which many a battle has been fought over the years.) It’s been private flats for some time now but as you will see from my photo (it was impossible to get the exact shot as there’s been so much building since) the exterior hasn’t changed a huge amount. I had assumed the top level was a modern addition, but it’s not.

Since I never went inside either before or after the conversion I can’t tell you how much it’s changed, but I bet there’s one hell of a view…

Talking of views, tune in tomorrow folks, for Part Two…

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low nurses home 2012

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3 Comments to “Then and Now (6) – Part One”

  1. RogerW says:

    Hey, I went to a party there once, back in my teens.
    You’re right about how little change there seems to have been. Are both of those buildings still standing, or just the front one?

  2. Nelson's Left Eye says:

    Both are still there but now linked up with an additional block:

  3. Kate says:

    The building was converted into 40 apartments about 10 years ago. I have been in a few of them and they are all very nicely converted inside in comparison to some of the modern ‘white box’ apartments that are springing up ten-a-penny around here. The ones on the front have great panoramic views across London too. Cant really say it has retained much in the way of ‘character’ other than externally though. Would have been interesting to see what it was like inside for the nurses before its conversion