Roofing SOS

Akanksha asks:

We have a leak in our roof after heavy rain this morning and we guess it will only get worse. Could you help us find a reliable roofing expert please.

The Phantom replies:

Sorry to hear about that. Hope you’ve got plenty of buckets.

The last lot of roofers I used have sadly gone out of business, so I can’t actually help – but I bet someone here can.


4 Comments to “Roofing SOS”

  1. Paul T says:

    We had a gutter leak, and a friend of a builder friend helped us out at v short notice. He’s done other roofing work for us since and I’d recommend him. He’s local I believe – Colin, 07870 627784.

  2. RobertNumber16 says:

    Akanksha try John (very good general builder always has very polite and workers) 07967499685. Good luck Robert

  3. Akanksha says:

    Thanks all! I will give them both a call.

  4. CWC says:

    I can recommend Brian Clay of Roofing Advisory Service in Lee – freephone 0800 612 6580