Manning the Yards of the Cutty Sark

Thanks to Tom the Rigger for this frankly rather creepy time-lapse video (to me it looks a bit like ants over a picnic) of those crazy guys (and gals ;-) ) who decorated the Cutty Sark’s masts for the Queen’s visit. I’m not wild about heights, but despite the weather I did find myself almost wishing I could have had a go (almost, mark you…)

The main joyous thing about this post for me is that if this particular embeddery works, it will mean I have finally solved the long-running problem of putting video on the Phantom Website all by myself (the Phantom Webmaster who could make it work remotely when I couldn’t – the classic intermittent fault – is in forn parts – hope you’re having a sunnier time than we are TPW…)

8 Comments to “Manning the Yards of the Cutty Sark”

  1. Miffee says:

    Well done Phantom,seems to have worked. I presume there was no sound anyway.

  2. TGP says:

    Oh, yes – no sound.

    Glad it’s working. I’ve been sent various things over the years I’ve not been able to share; hopefully now it will be fine…

  3. Adam says:

    What message were the signal flags spelling out?

  4. Good question. My money’s on “Hurry up, it’s bloomin’ freezing up here. Mine’s a large rum & coke, lads.”

  5. Or how about “Watch out for that bloke in the red robes, Ma’am, he wants to pinch your Kelly” (see Darryl’s caption comp for details.)

  6. Roger Patenall says:

    Many years ago, I was privileged to be at a small cocktail party on the yacht Britannia in Alderney harbour. Alongside was a sail training clipper. During the evening the cadets climbed the rigging. HM, who has seen everything many times, went to the window, kicked off her shoes, knelt on the seat, and said “come and look at this everyone – isn’t it exciting!” And she meant it. Wonderful.

  7. Old China says:

    Great footage, I like the creepiness. Tom managed to keep his camera very still, or is using some nifty motion tracking software.

    Roger P, what a great anecdote. How lucky you are!

  8. Armitage Shanks says:

    I think they may have followed the official order for ‘Dressing Ship’ as given in the Admiralty Manual of Seamanship – namely A B 2 U J 1 K E 3 G H 6 I V 5 F L 4 D M 7 P O Third Repeater R N First Repeater S T Zero C X 9 W Q 8 Z Y Second Repeater

    She also wore the red ensign correctly at the Mizzen, flew the Royal Standard at the Main and had the local courtesy flag flying from the starboard shrouds.

    Rag-and-stick sailors get terribly excited over the exactitude of such ceremonial.