Miserable Elephant

And so it begins. Not sure how much they’ll eventually let us see of the filming – it can go either way – the makers of Gullivers Travels were quite happy for residents to wander round the set; virtually all my photos of Pirates of the Caribbean have a security guard’s hand over the lens but the first pieces of the set for Les Miserables are arriving.

Gary’s photo should, I guess, be part of Ham’s elephant series. I’m sure that it will be very majestic once it’s vertical but at the moment it looks like a park bench that Salvador Dali might have created. Bagsies not sit in the middle.

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les mis elephant
les mis elephant

2 Comments to “Miserable Elephant”

  1. Benedict says:

    Just incase you didnt know why its there ……

  2. Gary says:

    Ah, thanks. I’m not a fan of Les Mis, so wondered what it was all about. It does look a bit dishevelled so now it all makes sense.