Bush Fire

A small fire in Greenwich Park yesterday, spotted by Matthew.  He tells me it was on the west side of the park, just up the steep hill from the King George St Gate.

The fire brigade, he says, “arrived about 2 minutes after I took this, by which time the fire had reached the path and the large shrub in the top left of the photo was ablaze.”

They suspect a careless smoker either in the park or walking down the pavement on the other side of the railings, chucking a lit fag end into the bushes.

I can’t imagine any Phantophiles being so gauche with their smouldering butts (ooh-err), but as Matthew says, ‘it’s an unpleasant reminder of just how dry everything is at the moment.’

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fire in Greenwich Park April 1 2012
fire in Greenwich Park April 1 2012

One Comment to “Bush Fire”

  1. Lupo says:

    The bonfires have already started for the season on the Point too. I was there Monday morning and there was a fire still smouldering from the night before surrounded by a full range of picnic leftovers. Ah and a ‘no fires’ sign, it’s a wonder it hadn’t been set alight too.