Birds of All Feathers – Crowes, Ravens and Chickens

A collection of bird-related stories – ┬áin the loosest possible sense.


First – in case you missed the earlier post, Stephen’s sent me a pic of the basic stage for Les Miserables which is coming for filming this week with Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway etc etc. Looks like a big prod, so don’t expect much Easter access to ORNC, but plenty of star-gazing and singing along to do. Altogether now, I dreamed a dream in time gone by


Secondly Stephen also told me about a rather odd story in the Times a few days ago. One of the ravens at the Tower went missing last year, after the Raven Master allowed some of her flight feathers (which are trimmed to prevent escape) to grow back again. He spent two days in Greenwich, ‘whistling at the trees’ after a Blue Badge Guide at the Observatory reported a ‘large bird’ in the trees outside. It’s is a wonderful image. I do hope he was in full Beefeater regalia. Munin, the bird concerned, flew off and was eventually lured back with a piece of chicken by a chap who’d spotted her in his back garden. It’s a lovely story and I’d give you a link, but I refuse to give Murdoch any cash so can’t actually get behind that pay wall.


Ah yes. Continuing the Pier story, Matt from Beware of the Trees tells me ” I had a quick chat with one of the people organising the ferry queues, who told me that everything would be opening this coming Wednesday. Given Byron and F&B now have menus up by the doors, and F&B was full of staff in full uniform having what looked like a dress rehearsal, this seems very possible. It’s seems a bit less likely that Nando’s and Zizzi will be open, but who knows.

In the true spirit of investigative journalism, Matt looked at the relevant company websites, to see if they were offering any confirmation. You’ll be pleased to know that F&B’s claim to be opening in March, and Nando’s are under the impression that they are opening in Greenwich Village.

Nice to see they have aspirations in the Big Apple too…

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3 Comments to “Birds of All Feathers – Crowes, Ravens and Chickens”

  1. Benedict says:

    Crikey! Les Miserables! I was associate set designer on ye olde original production at The Barbican , then the Palace then Broadway then myriad other productions , I also worked on 2 versions of film productions that never got off the ground, a kind of wierd symmetry although maybe more asymetric as now I’m not in Greenwich (Village).
    “When the tigers come at night, with their breath as soft as thunder” my favourite line…….

  2. Benedict you are a man of hidden depths. BTW Appropos to nothing you’d love the wisteria that’s coming out at the moment

  3. Benedict says:

    Aah, that lovely Wisteria, how exciting!