Thames Path Current Routes

Thanks to Mary for making this map available, showing the current closures on the Thames Path. It’s what we’ve been asking for for some time.

Some of it’s good news – looks like the eastern section will be reopened next month if when the cable car gets looped up and running. I’m okay with that closure – no one wants a Boris-pod dropping our of the sky onto them.  And in theory the top bit which has some kind of weird double-closure thing going on is due to open in July (can’t think why they’ve hit on that date…)

Some of it’s much less impressive. The Lovell’s Wharf part is, ‘closed until further notice.’ I have serious worries about that stretch – nothing seems to be happening and the developers seem to have carte-blanche to close it as long as they damn please.

For now it’s a pretty dull walk around the Peninsula, and an even duller cycle. After July it should get better. But that Lovell’s Wharf closure remains a serious blight on the path.

UPDATE: I’ve just read on Darryl’s site that developments include “changes to the adopted alignment of the Thames Footpath”. No details yet, but I don’t know about you, folks. I’m up for a fight on that one if I hear our path is to be eroded piecemeal on a permanent basis.

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thames path pdf march 2012
thames path pdf march 2012

2 Comments to “Thames Path Current Routes”

  1. Mike says:

    I’ve been around the Thames path from the cable car to Greenwich recently and the only sections that are closed are the cable car site, Delta Wharf and Lovells Wharf. The access to Victoria Deep is from just south of the Trading Estate, and by the chemical depot/Bay Wharf.
    It sounds like the Delta Wharf section is due to open soon too which is a positive!
    The new location of the dry dock yard at Bay Wharf (I assume that’s still happening??) looks all ready. Although the black building there does look very sinister (a good spot to spy on river traffic??!!)

    Ps, I couldn’t make the map link work from your blog.

  2. Mr M says:

    Thanks for the map Mary (and for publicising it Phantom).

    It appears to me to be inaccurate, slightly misleading and very disappointing.

    I’ve not yet found the tunnel/bridge/portal that takes you directly under/over/through Ravensbourne College or 6 Mitre Passage so some clear signage on the ground might be helpful :-) .

    I’m suspecting that the covered passageway between the Dome and the QE2 pier is the route that you’re meant to take. I also reckon that this is the only tiny section of the whole route around the north of the Dome (from Bay Wharf) that you’re not meant to cycle on, hence the drastic shortcut eastwards to the south of the football centre (quite a nice ride ruined if you follow the diversions).

    Now I’ve not been down there today, but on Monday (and for quite a while now) the path on the western side of the peninsula was open around Victoria Deep Water Terminal and is only closed just before Delta Wharf (allowing access to Tunnel Ave around the Trading Estate via the dodgy enclosed path). There is little to no signage to state why or for how long it’s closed between there and Drawdock Road, but the fence kind of lets you know it’s not open any more.

    Looking at the map above I was slightly cheered when I saw the turquoise line stating the path is only closed around there (given the inaccuracy I’m not totally sure where they mean) until the end of March (and there’s that text box that states it opens in April 2012)……. and then I saw the orange line stating that it’s actually closed from April to July. Great timing there folks.
    Any chance of a window of opportunity (maybe April 1st?) just to see if anything got done in the months it’s been closed? We’ll see, maybe.

    It would be nice if the council could send out someone from Highways to actually walk the route, kindly correct the problems highlighted and reissue the information. It would also be good if they could notify us of any footpath/right of way closures or diversions in advance and in writing as I’m sure is meant to happen (a notice on the paths affected would be good, a note in the Greenwich Time/on the council website would be even better).

    As for the path around Lovell’s Wharf, I’ve already given up on seeing that re-open and with the reassuring ‘until further notice’ appended to the map it’s going to be a long time coming.

    Forgive me if I’ve misinterpreted the map, but I’m only saying what I can see.