Matt asks:

Myself and my girlfriend are relocating to London after university (we both live in rural Devon at the moment – quite a change, then!)

For the first year or so, while I’m doing law school, we will have to live off her teacher’s salary. She will be working in Thamesmead West, and we are looking to live in or around the Greenwich area because it seems very nice. I was wondering if you had any advice on where would be the best places for us to be looking, if we have a rental budget of about £850pcm? Is it realistic for us to be looking in East Greenwich, or will we have to venture further afield like Lewisham, Charlton etc..?

I have to confess I haven’t really been keeping much of an eye on rentals around Greenwich recently but I have a horrid feeling you’ll be struggling to find very much in central Greenwich for that sort of money, I’m afraid. But I could be wrong.

Have you rented recently? What’s the going rate? And where would you suggest for Matt and Mrs Matt to look?

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  1. Anna says:

    We rent and so are very aware of the rental market in Greenwich/Blackheath. I don’t think you’ll find anything decent enough for £850 – Deptford and Charlton are worth a definite look as they are so close to Greenwich. I’d avoid going as far as Woolwich even though I’m sure you’d find somewhere for that money – the area doesn’t offer much quality of life. Happy searching!!

  2. Paolo says:

    Have a look in the One SE8 development right next to Deptford Bridge DLR station

    You can generally find one bedroom flats for £800 – £1000 pcm

    The development is very pleasant, some nice people live there and it has a gym, grocery store and a very friendly Tapas bar on site (the food is pretty good as well)

    It is brilliant for transport links

    Emmy Mustafa on 07813 044442 generally has some to rent and she is very trustworthy (no connection – apart from living in the development)

  3. Kate says:

    The rental prices in Greenwich have shot up in the last 12 months!

    Going rate for a decent one bedroom apartment is easily upwards of £1000 and expect to part with £1200-1300 for something high-end. Anything less usually constitutes a compromise in some way, on a busy road, above a food shop, bit old fashioned etc. It really depends on your own criteria and expectations. I am sure there are still a few good value flats around but generally anything less than £900pcm in most parts of Greenwich is considered a bit iffy for one reason or another.

    If you wish to stick to your budget I would certainly reccommend any of the border areas of Greenwich. The area between Lewisham station and West Greenwich (which also borders Blackheath), St Johns (The residential area near Elverson Road DLR) and, if you wish to go a bit further affield, Charlton and parts of Hither Green. The new silkworks development near Lewisham Tesco’s has one beds for around £900pcm *puts my Phil and Kirsty hat on* – perhaps if you are in a good position to move quickly theres a deal to be done?

    I would personally stay clear of Woolwich. I have a few friends who live there and besides the confines of their smart apartments in nice grounds, they generally hate the surrounding area.

  4. Mark says:

    We live in the new Kidbrooke Village development just outside Greenwich. It’s on the old Ferrier Estate which is in the process of coming down, so the local area isn’t the prettiest but (hopefully) that should change in due course.

    We rent through First Steps on an “intermediate rent” basis – basically if you earn a “low” salary (£60,000 per year for two people!) you only pay for 80% of the property value – the housing association pays the rest. Well worth a look, though I’m not sure of there are any abalone at the moment.

  5. Jim Ashworth-Beaumont says:

    While browsing Oliver Bond Estate agents on King William Walk and chortling at the upbeat descriptions and prices of the ‘luxury’ pads on offer, we saw some studio flats on offer for £850 pcm. One with a grand piano in it – handy! The comments from the other contributors are great, though. Has to be said that you might have picked the worst time this century to move to Greenwich, what with Olympics an all – so all the very best of luck to you.

  6. 16" East says:

    Kate’s advice is spot on!

    Rental market is booming, and moving fast indeed.

    I have a couple if flats in Charlton that have never been vacant between tenancies. I think that it is a good compromise location, close to Greenwich and Blackheath but affordable and with very good transport links by rail and short hop on bus to tube at north greenwich. Plus also has some lovely parks too, much needed when you miss the countryside.

    Importantly, it also offers the easy access to west thamesmead for mrs matt. If Mrs matt is driving to the school then she could avoid trying to avoid the blackwall tunnel congestion in the mornings that can overspill to surrounding roads.

    When ready, get glued to the property websites though, good flats go quick. Suggest ‘rightmove’ as probably the best.

    Give woolwich a miss unless you are lucky enough to get a
    swanky pad the royal arsenal development by the river (although the area surrounding the site is still just woolwich town, best avoid late at
    night in my opinion…)

  7. Nelson's Left Eye says:

    Prime Location is another good site.

    I think it’s more about “what is available now?” than “where is a nice area?”. The London property market is extremely dynamic and good places go very quickly indeed.

    Register with a property agency or five and squat on the suggested websites. When something turns up, jump on it!

  8. dawn oconnor says:

    set up a google alert for Greenwich, I have one for all the local news. It also brings up all the latest property for rent,there are sometimes properties in Greenwich within your budget. good luck

  9. Check in the One Stop estate agent on Woolwich Road (across/near the fire station – they look a bit scruffy but have found me my last 3 places!) and ask if they have any properties near Maze Hill (Tuskar, Frobisher St, Woodlands). It’s a little area here that is run by a charitable trust – so it’s normal private landlord but the rents are reasonable. They come up rarely though and are often taken by the first viewers! I think a one-bed is about £750.

  10. Robin says:

    I moved to my new rented flat 2 months ago, which is near Blackheath Hill, as close to Deptford and Lewisham as I am to Greenwich, although my postcode is SE10. My rent is £875 and we found it after looking for 2 months. It was very hard to find anything for less than £900 and the ones that were less than £900 were usually not very nice.

    A previous poster said that One SE8 would be a good bet. Although it IS very nice I doubt that a one bed can be had for less than £900; MAYBE a studio but I doubt that too. I rented a one bed for £900 and that was 2006 – 2009. Worth a look though as it is very nice.

    I agree that Charlton is a good option. Lots of nice Victorian conversions and more affordable than other areas. Also, I would consider Lewisham. Transport links are good (buses to Thamesmead and Greenwich and DLR to Greenwich and Bank etc.)

  11. matt says:

    For best prices don’t go through an agent. Look on – I rent a lovely 1 bed in central greenwich for £875 off a private landlord.

  12. Kenw says:

    Cut down commuting and look for somewhere in West Thamesmead itself. Save on commuting costs – and enjoy life on the river bank. We think we are really lucky to live here – what do we see when we step out of the front door – the seagulls, the river and Woolwich Ferry.

    A brisk walk – if you’re fit – along the riverside to Woolwich, with its wonderful new library, excellent bus / train /DLR connections.

    Decent pubs are in short supply, I’m afraid, but those transport links mean that the bars and restaurants of Greenwich / Canary Wharf / Stratford are only minutes away.

    Food shopping is improving, with an excellent revamp of Sainsburys in Woolwich town centre or of course Morrisons in Thamesmead. And then there’s the market. Not an arts and crafts / culture / tourist attraction, I am talking about a real market selling fruit and veg in the traditional London manner – by the bowl.

    And property here is excellent value. You might be lucky and get a small house, but there are plenty of flats around the £800-900 mark.

  13. I have a friend who lives in Thamesmead who utterly loves it.

  14. Lara says:

    I live in Tuskar Street and rent from this charitable trust and can assure you that One Stop are great and that we live in a great little one-bed maisonette.

    We are very happy and pay £725 a month excluding bills. We we don’t earn that much so it is possible to live in Greenwich without being a gazillionaire!

    We also found One Stop and the area through Right Move so would recommend that too.

    And parts of Deptford are very nice as is the Westcombe Park area to the south of the railway line, Humber Road way etc.

    Good luck!!!

  15. Sio says:

    I pay £900 a month for quite a big one bed in west Greenwich – am feeling very lucky indeed after reading these comments.

    There are bargains avaialble I think, but it is totally down to luck.

    We found ours on Gumtree rather than estate agents. I found that often they would advertise a lovely place just to attract you and then it would conveniently be snapped up and you’d have to withstand looking at grotty places in the middle of a bypass.