Phantom Petals of Peril…

Darra has a very odd ‘problem’.

The oddest thing was happening today in Greenwich town center and the adjoining area (I checked). Small white flower petals were landing all over my back patio and the adjoining locality . These petals fell infrequently, but constantly, and judging by the number on the ground this had been going on all day. I’m living down by the market, backing onto it. To say I am puzzled would say the least. There are no flower plants or trees to be found anywhere at the moment as you would know, but they continue to fall. Where have they come from Phantom?, and has anyone else noticed this? Maybe I am going mad? Help.

I’m all out of ideas, unless there’s another Bollywood movie being filmed in the location. Can anyone else reassure Darra that the Cuckoo’s Nest isn’t singing its siren song?

One Comment to “Phantom Petals of Peril…”

  1. Capability Bowes says:

    There are plenty of trees in early flower at the moment – mainly plum and oriental cherry (in Japan the plum tree is called the Herald of Spring because it flowers in late winter).

    Possibly there’s a couple of trees blossoming in the park. Caught in a local updrift of wind, they might well have then hit an air pocket which is letting them fall back to earth gradually.