Looks Like They Mean Business

This letter is, I understand, being sent to residents whose properties might be affected by building at the Heart of East Greenwich (or whatever they’re calling it now…) Don’t forget that you can click on the image to make it bigger…

It’s basically a ‘we’re going to look at the cracks in your walls now so you can’t sue us later’ letter, which, frankly, seems like a sensible precaution for both parties to me.

But this does seem to me to imply that work is iminent there. Andy could be in danger yet. As John show sent it to me says – And how would you like your hat, sir – Medium or Rare?

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hadley mace
hadley mace

2 Comments to “Looks Like They Mean Business”

  1. John says:

    It looks like the work has finally started on the site. Diggers in place now and all the fences painted over the “Heart of East Greenwich” slogan….

  2. John says:

    Just watching from my window the opening ceremony of the building of the Greenwich Centre (“Heart of East Greenwich”) development…pictures to follow…