I’m a Leaning Lamp Post…

…on the corner of the street…

Good to see the Cutty Sark Gardens actually getting – well, gardens in them. Jeremy’s pic clearly shows some grass, albeit locked away behind some pretty ugly railings. Perhaps it will help to soften a traditionally bleak area.

What is it with leaning lamp posts these days, though? They seem to be cropping up all over the place; it’s clearly the trendy thing. Some of them look more deliberately wonky than others – there’s one in my head that I can see but not place (I’m thinking Russia Dock, but my mind’s fuzzy this morning…) that looks like a pair of drunk park attendants played dodgems with litter-pickers through the place one lost weekend to impress a girl. These at least look like they were always meant to lean.

Is it just to be a bit funky or is there a purpose? I would have thought it would be some way of preventing light pollution (which would be fantastic) except that these look far too high up to really save much in the way of light-spillage.

I guess since they’re all set at the same angle they will at least look like they haven’t been boffed by the trucks that delivered them and I don’t really have an opinion about them – but I do hope we’ll eventually be able to see some grass in Cutty Sark Gardens that isn’t kept behind bars.

Meanwhile, in other news, good to see the foot tunnel all sparkling and clean again after all those months of closure and millions spent on it:

It reminds me a bit of the Northern Line at Tottenham Court Road – shiny new station above (we presume), filthy old tunnel below. Not a mop or a bucket of Flash in sight.¬†Thanks to ‘Shaw Taylor’ for these pics, including the tag of the charming ‘Stinkabell 2012…’

Ah, well. Perhaps the new entrance with their driverless elevators (would Stinkabell have been quite so happy to scrawl if he/she knew he/she was being watched by a human, I wonder?) will shine like beacons instead. Oh – and anyone who hates those chain restaurant signs right in the middle of the view from Island Gardens – 35 objections, guys…

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leaning lamp posts

4 Comments to “I’m a Leaning Lamp Post…”

  1. RogerW says:

    Erm. Shorely shome mistake! Never mind the ‘Before’ pictures of the tunnel… we want to see the ‘After’ ones, showing how great it looks since having all that much money spent on it!

  2. onur says:

    does anybody know when the elevators will start working?

  3. Earlswood says:

    Surely that can’t be the final state?! Do we get to see a breakdown of how the money for the tunnels was spent?

  4. Gilbert says:

    Leaning lamp posts are great for creating a dystopian quality of place.