Hooray! Boo!

‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello, what’s all this then? Could it possibly be the diggers finally coming into the Heart of East Greenwich? By GeorgeĀ - I think it is…

A closer look at those sponsors who have finally got it all going:

Hooray for the press-call!

Boo that afterwards, they all cleared off, the digger drove away and all was back to normal-nothing again.

Andrew’s hat is still safe – for the moment at least…

Thanks to John for the bird’s-eye view. And doesn’t that first photo serve as a reminder of just how damn big that site is?

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6 Comments to “Hooray! Boo!”

  1. sitdowncomedian says:

    Great photos! Love the boulders holding the banners up. So do we know when/what’s going to happen there yet?

  2. Franklin says:

    Oh gawd. Talk about a bloody Potemkin village, replete with token digger, silver spade for the “groundbreaking” and Dear Leader’s hardhat at a jaunty angle. You really couldn’t make it up…

  3. Harriet says:

    That has all the hallmarks of an SoWC. It really depends on the terms and conditions of Andrew eating his hat as there has been a digger on site………..did he stipulate that it had to actually do anything?…….

  4. Andy A says:

    Hi Phantom,

    My offer to eat a hat of the developer’s choice still stands – but only when the diggers are “in action!”

    I still think it’ll be many years before we say any new library, pool, gym or housing…. The council simply do not have the money and the developers cannot access bank financing.

    Fantastic photos though… Great for me to see from afar (Im now living abroad…..)

    Please do keep the news of the “Dying Heart of East Greenwich” coming!!

  5. Lucia says:

    I am against the discriminating expression “Heart of EAST Greenwich” which smells of “US and THEM”, as Greenwich used to be when we bought our house over 17 years ago. Having lived for over 10 years in North West London, I had no idea that the area near Greenwich theatre was considered “posh” and the area close to Maze Hill was “for the peasants”. At least that was what the snobbish deputy head of my school in SW London informed me. He used to live near Greenwich Station while our house was and is still near Maze Hill Station. He looked down his pedantic nose when he met my husbad and me in the park, one day and almost avoided looking at us in total disgust. “So, you live on that side, do you?” the supercilious man said, pointind towards Maze Hill Station.

    Well, I think the mentioned person does not live around here any longer but I still hate the division, the apartheid feeling the “us and them” separation the expressions East Greenwich and West Greenwich bring to my mind.

    It’s up to the people who were born in this area to explain this situation to me.

    I was born really far from this area and am probably just babbling insane ideas. Correct me, please, if I am wrong.

  6. Lucia – as an East Greenwicher myself I do know the snobbery. I was once told I was literally the wrong side of the tracks by someone who lives in Westcombe Park.

    But the only time I care is when we get inferior facilities – for example a couple of million spent on West Greenwich Library whilst East Greenwich Library literally falls to pieces (sorry – two ‘literallys in one comment – but I stand by them both.)