Hat-Eating Fest?

Andrew – beware…

Could it possibly be the latest of your promises to eat your hat if work begins on the Heart of East Greenwich:

“My wager to eat a hat of your choosing still stands – will the diggers be starting on the site before the 31 March 2012 ?”

be something to do with the letter below) that has gone to (some) residents (thanks T):

Of course ‘towards the end of March’ is still vague, but @Marymills was discussing with a bunch of us on Twitter that the magic date is the 26th, which gives Andrew five days to choose the condiments he would like to accompany the hat.

There is, of course, still time for it all to go pear-shaped – we’ve been here many times before and Andrew’s hat has been safe more times that I would have put my own on the line (I’m rather attached to my tricorn) – but 26th March does actually fall in the foreseeable future. It might just happen this time.


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Old hospital site lette
Old hospital site lette

14 Comments to “Hat-Eating Fest?”

  1. JR says:

    I am the eternal optimist and will happily sauté said hat for Andrew when (not if) the diggers roll in.
    It WILL happen this time – it WILL, it WILL!

  2. Old China says:

    On a similar note, work seems to have also started on the river side bit along Banning Street. Cranes were swinging and lifting away this morning. Workers and vehicles were all over the site.

    I asked one guy what was being built and I think he said “houses and flat” (he had a very strong accent) so not sure if that will include the cruise ship terminal.

  3. Mary says:

    Phantom I had a terrible job reading that letter on your site – and I have been worry, worry, worry since I gave that date of 26th – because – well -I’ve been given dates before and its always Jam Tomorrow.
    BUT – as regards Banning Street. They have been on site for a couple of weeks now and Dick, Miranda and I met the developer a couple of weeks ago. I am going down tonight to meet a group of residents and talk about the site a bit.
    Old China – its not the cruise ship terminal – that’s a bit further down river, where there is a jetty with old cable loading gear on it.
    Between that site and Lovells is the boat yard which is due to move to a purpose built facility at Bay Wharf (even further down) but I understand arrangements are still being made.
    If anyone is interested I have various bits of information I can send out about the riverside path and so on – email me and say you want it. Always happy to give information and, fingers crossed, I do my best to make it accurate.

  4. mary – don’t forget that you can click on all images in the site to make them bigger and, certainly in my browser at least (I’m using Safari) you can click on the little magnifying glass icon to make it even bigger.)

    But it does seem a bit rum that they didn’t send a copy to the local councillor! I guess at least you can keep the local Phantom company in the dark….

    I assume the Banning street development will be yet more bloomin’ luxury flats?

  5. Rob says:

    Yes, the 26th March was the date given for the start of work in a written answer at the last full council meeting a few weeks ago.

  6. Mary says:

    The last note I had from planners about what was to go on site said. I have been looking to see if I have the % split between owners and social housing – will keep looking.I have met a number of residents who have moved into the housing association flats – and what was nice is that they were nearly all people I knew from the east Greenwich area who were downsizing as they got older.

    The planning officer said:

    Planning permission was granted in 2007 for a mixed use development at Lovell’s Wharf to include the following:
    667 Residential Units Retail, Restaurants, Offices, Studio/Workshops, rowing club, Eco Centre
    Health Centre,Health Club
    links to both applications however the information is the same n both.

    development does include a hotel which is
    ntended to be located within Block 4. As shown on the approved and proposed
    plans the southern-most court will be for recreation-based activity and will include both games and play facilities
    for local residents.

  7. I note that of the Residential, retail, restaurants, offices, studio/workshops, rowing club, Eco centre, health centre and health club, the only thing so far built is the – well, obvious really…

    Unless you count the sales office for the flats as ‘retail’…

  8. Franklin says:

    I don’t want to rain on JR’s optimists’ parade, but I suspect that the “towards the end of March” date is directly related to the footnote at the end.

    Since Hadley Mace were appointed by the HCA, and the HCA has to hand over its powers and responsibilities in London to the Mayor as of 1st April, I suspect that it’s necessary for them to “begin works” in order to plant a flag – and thus ensure that the HCA appointment is automatically carried over to the Mayor’s Office. Much as with planning applications – work only has to ‘begin’ within five years, and that ‘beginning’ of works can often mean very little indeed.

    I would therefore expect to see a few diggers on site shifting dirt around and new signs going up, but don’t expect there to be any significant works until the relationship among all the stakeholders (Mayor’s Office, Hadley Mace, LBG, NHS and L&Q) has been settled. That could still take years.

  9. Old China says:

    Wow, a deluge of information to absorb along with my spam and crisps sandwiches this lunchtime!

    Mary, I’d be interested in the extra info, what is your email address?

  10. No one has mentioned the “East Greenwich Library” bit. Does this put the usage of the listed old East Greenwich Library building into question at all? or is it just an expansion? (giving the state of libraries, I doubt it)

  11. JT says:

    The letter says that there will be some kind of stakeholder engagement event to discuss the development. That should be an opportunity to find out if there is any clear timeline for the works or whether the 26th March is just fulfilling a technicality (hope not).

  12. Harriet says:

    The cynic in me notes the date with interest – coming up to the end of the financial year. However if new site office has been put up recently then there is a a good possiblity that things could start moving as they are not the cheapest of structures to put in situ. If there are trees/bushes around then site clearance will have to start pretty promptly or the dreaded bird nesting season will be upon them and in that case Andrew’s hat will be safe!

  13. Not-hat-eating-Andrew says:

    I don’t know about the end of March date but I decided to email Greenwich Council, HCA, Hadley Mace and even Mayor of London a while back about the HofEG. They’re either all in cahoots or did a good job of saying the same thing that work was going to start imminently. March seemed to be the month when it all starts although the whole development is going to take a-g-e-s. Let the dust commence!