A couple of weeks ago we were talking about a school in Surrey that was briefly owned by Greenwich Council and we were discussing other places the council owned outside the borough. Rob at mentioned a hotel by the seaside and Sven told me about this:

In fact it’s still called the Greenwich Hotel and it’s on Sea road at Westgate on Sea, though I don’t know if where I’ve put the arrow is where the hotel actually is as I haven’t been there (yet – looks like a jolly Phantom Day Out to me…)

I’m guessing this picture was taken in the 1950s or 60s. It’s now a residential home for, I believe, people with special needs. It doesn’t have a website and I can find precious little else out about it (aw, c’mon – you try googling ‘Greenwich’ and ‘Hotel’ and see what you come up with…) so I’ll just have to go and see it for myself. Westgate is, from the maps, just up the road from Margate, so next time I need a Mad-Hatter’s-tearoom-and-creepy-shell-grotto fix I’ll make a detour to view the Greenwich Hotel. It’s certainly the weather for a trip to the seaside. Shame about it being a Monday…

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Greenwich Hotel
Greenwich Hotel

10 Comments to “Greenwich-On-Sea”

  1. Dazza says:

    I know, why not arrange a coach trip? Would love a day out. I’ll even make some cheese sandwiches and wrap them
    In cling film so they sweat. Oh, the memories!!!!!

  2. Ha – if it’s anything like my old school trips your sandwiches will have been eaten before we leave the playground, Dazza, and we’ll have to stop at a fish & chip shop on the seafront…

    Then we can make ourselves sik on seaside rock and candyfloss.

  3. Rob says:

    Oh, a little bit more info I found out when I was looking into it… it was later renamed Greenwich Court and became a full time residential home for the elderly rather than a hotel.

    It then closed and is now, I think, derelict. These guys had a look around:

  4. How very odd – there are several places listing it as a care home for people with disabilities.

    A trip is definitely in order, then…

  5. Maggie says:

    I think the Greenwich Hotel was available, in the 70s and 80s as a holiday place for local pensioners, possibly those in council accommodation? I’m pretty sure my parents spent holidays there, and enjoyed them.

  6. Sue says:

    I can confirm what Maggie says – I remember my grandparents spending holidays there.

  7. Roger Patenall says:

    There is not a lot else to attract you to Margate / Westgate – other than the new Turner Gallery which is worth a visit. The building is in my view better than the contents, but it is a step up for Margate.

  8. Paul says:

    Margate has a fantastic, surreal (probably Georgian) seashell grotto. It boasts a surprisingly beautiful, albeit small, Georgian centre with a great coffee/cake shop, a good pub and a terrific vintage clothes store. Even the dreadful, semi-derelict decaying concrete 70s mall boasts one of the nation’s finest jokeshops, with an absolutely charming proprietor. Tunbridge Wells it ain’t, but it has its own, distinct charms.

  9. Dan says:

    I’m afraid it’s all in a rather bad state. My Dad lives above the pub just down the road (The Swan, rather good Sunday roast if you’re in the area) – it looks like someone decided to start demolishing it, and then stopped after a while.

    You can see from the streetview picture from a couple of years ago that it’s already in a bad way:

    I’ll take a couple of pictures next time I’m there, but I saw it a couple of weeks ago and thought what a horrible waste it is.

  10. Sally says:

    Sadly the hotel building has almost gone but the house on the left remains. Thanet District Council misguidedly decided that the two houses which formed the hotel were not worth saving and they are being redeveloped but lots of lovely Victorian buildings still remain. Westgate on Sea is worth a visit (it has a very different feel to Margate) There are two lovely sandy bays, a Victorian high street with cafes and a real ale micro pub – all worth a look!