Cutty Sark to Re-Open

According to Rob at the Cutty Sark will be re-opening on 26th April 2012.

Shame they’re not opening it for the Marathon (four days earlier) but hey – it’s coming.

The prices will be, apparently (I’m getting this off Rob as the Trust don’t seem to like me, though hey, I guess I can see why…) £12 for adult. Children 5-15, £6.50. Kids under 5 go free.

At those prices I’m really hoping they do some sort of membership scheme as I have a whole bunch of friends who will suddenly want to visit Phantom Towers and ‘well, since we’re here…’ nip over to see the old girl in her fancy new duds.

Thanks to Rod for the pics of the main mast being topped out last week…

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low main mast rod
low main mast rod

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low main mast rod 3

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7 Comments to “Cutty Sark to Re-Open”

  1. P & D says:

    Possible discounts for Greenwich Card holders?

  2. Lara says:

    “I’m getting this off Rob as the Trust don’t seem to like me, though hey, I guess I can see why…”

    Why, what did YOU DO?!

  3. Well, I’ve been trying to contact them for ages and moaning about their terrible communications – I guess that doesn’t endear me much to them. But apparently they haven’t been press releasing anyone else either so it’s not just me they don’t like round here!

    I’m keen to know whether they do Greenwich Card Deals, ‘Year-Round’ tickets or concs for the usual suspects – pensioners /unwaged/ students etc. I guess we’ll just have to wait until they deign to tell us.

  4. John says:

    If you go to the Cutty Sark website, the front page banner says it reopens on April 26, and has a ‘Book Now’ splash.

    Click this, and you end up in the Royal Museums Greenwich booking website. CS tickets are £12 adults, £6.50 kids, £9.50 other concessions, and a couple of family rates.

    No evidence there of an annual ticket, but I wonder if, given it’s obviously tying into RMG for ticketing purposes, the RMG membership will give admission.

    Alternatively, there’s a Gift Aid option (doesn’t currently work, I grant you) – in other places, a donation to make the entire admission fee eligible for GA sometimes makes it into an annual ticket.

  5. Stephen says:

    I was going to say become a friend but have just seen this at their site.

    “We are currently assessing our Friends scheme. Details of our new offer will be available here soon.”

    I did look about a month ago and membership was I think about a tenner, no doubt that will rise.

    A ticket (cost £12.50) to the SS Great Britain is valid for a year and I think quite a lot of other attractions have this scheme as well. Maybe Cutty Sark will do the same. I have mentioned here that the last time Cutty Sark was open a ticket cost £5, so in five and a half years the cost has risen 140%.

    Won’t take them long to make the approximately £46m restoration costs.

  6. Darren says:

    Any dates for Cutty Sark GArdens, will the marathon at least go around the ship this year???


  7. Robert Number16 says:

    Perhaps the Cutty Sark Trust should raise a sail with the date of the opening on sail on Marathon day so tv cameras will beam it around the world