Armed and Dangerous

Folks I’ve heard something a bit horrid about a couple of armed robberies that took place over the weekend in central Greenwich. I can’t find any details, but it would seem two violent attacks occurred around the Five-Foot Walk /Pier area, one of which ended with a guy being stabbed in the face when he refused to hand over his watch.

I don’t know what time of day this happened; I’m guessing after dark, by someone taking advantage of the chaotic nature of that area just now – I’m hoping to hear more later – but for now just be a little careful when you’re out and about round there, eh?

5 Comments to “Armed and Dangerous”

  1. Christina yang says:

    I was victim of one of the incidents happened on creek road. Me and my friend got mugged at gun point at 5am on Sunday 4 march, by two Caucasian males in their late twenties..they cycled off towards Deptford after my friend handing over his iPhone..reported to police and waiting for updates atm…

  2. I am so sorry to hear about that, Christina. How are you now? A terrible thing.

  3. Nelson's Left Eye says:

    Christina, any chance you have the ‘Find my iPhone’ app on that stolen phone?

  4. scared of chives says:

    That’s awful.

    Small tip (I don’t work for them!) – Prey tracks a stolen PC / mac – free – there should be an iphone app soon I understand

  5. ian says:

    I hope the police deal with this properly, terrible, really terrible.