Silvertown Tunnel Plans

So many people have told me about the consultation for the proposed TfL crossing proposals that I guess I should at least start a discussion here about them though of course Darryl at 853 has already said much sound stuff about it already.

I confess I’m finding it hard to get worked up about it myself. Not because I think it’s a particularly good idea – I don’t – it’s just going to send the bottleneck from one part of the A2 to another part – but because I sincerely think it’s never going to happen.┬áIt’s just been introduced as another random mad idea by Boris a couple of months before – oh, yes, I remember – an election.

Let’s face it – we haven’t got the cash. He cancelled a bridge – which costs a hell of a lot less than a tunnel – ostensibly on financial grounds (though it’s not hard to guess the real reason) and nigh on four years after that fiasco, we have even less money. Ken disapproves of the idea. So – Boris can’t afford it and Ken would cancel it anyway.

I can’t help feeling that this is a battle that we don’t actually need to knock ourselves out on – like the periodic pedestrianisation-of-Greenwich-Town-Centre plans that rock up every so often this is a chestnut that rears its head every few years, then, just when everyone’s got themselves lathered up, ducks itself down again like one of those intermittent faults you get in car engines.

Of course, I know I’m going to be shot down in flames for such complacency. I just can’t help feeling we’ve been here before – several times – and now is just a little early to start mounting the barricades.

Tickets will be available in ten years’ time for Ye Grande Phantome Tricorn-Eating event…

11 Comments to “Silvertown Tunnel Plans”

  1. Chris says:

    TGP – I’ve voiced my objections even although I tend to agree with you.

    These buggers can be dead sneaky and I think we do have to keep on our toes.

  2. Paul says:

    What Chris says. Just because the idea’s ludicrous doesn’t mean it ain’t gonna happen.

    There will be some consultants or builders somewhere who will make billions out of this; they would love it if everyone was lulled into a false sense of security.

    So while it’s not worth putting posters up in our windows about our children being suffocated, or forming a residents’ conservation defence group, it’s well worth spending a couple of minutes on that consultation!

  3. Nervous around Onions says:

    I never thought they’d build the gondolas from not quite North Greenwich not quite the Excel centre. But they did….

  4. Franklin says:

    I just want to echo the comments above. Strong opposition to the tunnel proposal will be one of the factors – alongside finance and environmental impacts – that will shape thinking on this in future. It therefore behoves us locals to make our views known as vocally as we can.

    We might also save a bit of taxpayer dosh that would otherwise be spent on an endless litany of feasibility studies, further public consultations, lawsuits etc.

  5. Mike says:

    So, given the absolute dearth of cross river options out this way, what should be done? (other than a cable car obviously ;-)

    Bridges, tunnels and subsequent congestion on local roads etc are all very serious obstacles and any solution is going to bring negative consequences for someone, and major benefits for others…

  6. Pedro says:

    More tunnels = more people driving to work = more congestion. Simples.

    Solution: make public transport better, and cheaper.

  7. Franklin says:

    What Pedro said ^^^^

    With an important addition “more tunnels = more people driving to work = more congestion” = more air and noise pollution in the area surrounding the A102/A2.

  8. Chris says:

    More traffic links begat more traffic. None of this traffic brings anything to local party, People pass by in hermatically sealed comfort on a sort of enclosed area.

    They can’t easily get out and buy anything in our locality.

    All the increased traffic will just bring more noise and environmental pollution and more pressure on our local infrastructure (do you know how much accident investigations cost?)

    I drive a car, probably more than I should I do, so perhaps I’m being hypocritical, but if you build another tunnel the A102 will not handle it as it’s already beyond capacity.

    If I need to go over the river in ‘normal’ hours I use public transport. So can others.

  9. Mike says:

    Build the tunnel, just put a train in it!

  10. Matthew Gough says:

    Interesting – I’ve only lived in the area for 10 years, and whilst the current situation is deplorable, I hadn’t realised there’d been any serious plans.

    I’m not going to get drawn into the ‘people shouldn’t be driving anyway’ debate, as most of the traffic is ‘through’ traffic at busy times (no local would be crazy enough to brave the 102 at rush hour or sit on a bus for an hour to get across the river) so what’s to be done? And clearly something should be done, but what?

  11. Adam says:

    Seems a pretty daft idea – having two tunnels sharing the same approach road will surely mean that any disruption to one of the crossings could mean that both would then seize up. I do think an extra river crossing would be worthwhile, but Thamesmeade would be a better place to build this.