Royal Greenwich Phantom

What does a Phantom write about on the day one’s borough becomes Royal? Some sycophantic piece charting the history of royalty in Greenwich through the ages? Some tedious piece about the inner workings of the council? ┬áSome sarky piece about how it’s just going to cost a load of money and no good will come of it?

You know what? Everyone else is going to go berserk today. I’m going to take a back seat…

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royal Greenwich Phantom
royal Greenwich Phantom

5 Comments to “Royal Greenwich Phantom”

  1. methers says:

    Whether by good planning or coincidence I don’t know, but there’s a programme on BBC Two tonight at 9pm about the Cutty Sark.

  2. Benedict says:

    Good luck to “Royal Greenwich” and all who sail in her…..

  3. bats says:

    Love the new threads phants, not too sure about the bling though.

  4. Robert Number 16 says:

    Dear Methers Thank you for the “heads Up” on the “Cutty Sark” TV programme tonight.Not sure if you have seen my chat with Richard Doughty (Chairman of the Cutty Sark Trust) It includes some never before footage of the Cutty Sark afloat in Cornwall in the 1930 .I found the film in an attic in the Cornish village of Portscatho

  5. annabel says:

    what does becoming a Royal Borough really mean to locals, will there be more funding for upkeep of local amenities for example?