Royal Fireworks

Here’s one of a series of fabulous photos Wizzbowes took of Sunday evening’s fireworks. You can see the rest here

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7 Comments to “Royal Fireworks”

  1. 58frankh says:

    Yes they were goods. Pity they started 5 mins early though

  2. Steve says:

    There are more pictures here

    And by my reckoning they started pretty much on time rather than early. Which is a little surprising because these sort of events often run late.

  3. Gordon of Greenwich says:

    It’s funny how you get distracted by things on’t internet. I clicked on the link for wizzbowes fireworks pics and then spent ages looking at his flickr photos/albums. Left me thinking I must get myself a decent camera. Some great pictures!

  4. hitherqueen says:

    you may need to take a trip to the observatory and check your watch Steve, they were exactly five minutes early. Fortunately we could see them out of the back bedroom window so didn’t have to schlep out in the snow and cold.

  5. Brenda says:

    They were definitely early as we were making our way from the pub at 5.55 and missed the start.

  6. Brenda says:

    But sorry regardless of the timing I really enjoyed them.

  7. wizbowes says:

    Yup – they were five minutes early. We heard crowd down the hill counting down and assumed it was a dry run. Turned out it wasn’t. Both my cameras have the first pictures taken at about 5:56. But as Brenda says – doesn’t really matter.

    Many thanks for the compliment on the photos Gordon.