Mess Around

I Say asks:

Are local dog owners going to be instructed to get their act together before the Olympics? The area around The Royal Standard is dreadful; in the last week I have seen 3 full plastic bags of dog poo left at the side of the pavement, what/who do the dog owners expect to remove these? I have given up looking at the sky as the pavements are often fouled,  with the pavement immediately outside Simply Food in Old Dover Road being a regular target. When the park is closed the Heath and surrounding roads and pavements will become even worse…

The Phantom replies:

I confess I hadn’t really noticed the area around the Standard being particularly bad for dog mess but it does seem to be an issue all over the town. In West Greenwich vigilante groups have been painting signs on pavements and neighbouring Lewisham have even had entire events based around this antisocial practice (though I have to say that, being a puerile Phantom I found the local paper’s listing rather amusing – soz…)

Thing is, I suspect that the people reading this post are not the people who are allowing their dogs to foul footpaths. If you’re interested enough in your area to read a blog about it, it’s unlikely you’re going to mess it up.

What’s the answer?

11 Comments to “Mess Around”

  1. Capability Bowes says:

    If you are that bothered about it, get yourself a pair of disposable gloves and pick up the bag and drop it in a bin yourself, rather than moaning about it. But of course, its far easier to moan about it than do anything about it.

    At least the owners bagged it up rather than leaving it in a big pile in the middle of the pavement.

  2. Richard says:

    Email your local councillor and get them on the case, it’s what we pay taxes for. Aside from that if you see someone letting their dog foul the footpath then have a word with them or anonymously report them to the council. When I have caught people doing this I usually ask them if they would mind if I followed them home and took a sh&t outside their house. South Street is always covered in the stuff. If you let your kids run down the road you will invariably spend the rest of the evening cleaning their shoes.

  3. bats says:

    Capability- how is dog mess going to decompose in a plastic bag? It’s even worse to put it in a bag and leave it, at least if it is left it will be washed away or naturally decompose (or be taken away on the soles of shoes!)

  4. Capability Bowes says:

    This isnt the issue here. Read the original post and it says “I have seen 3 full plastic bags of dog poo left at the side of the pavement”. So:

    1) think yourself lucky that the dog owners bagged it up rather than not bothering

    2) there’s nothing to stop you picking the bag up and dropping it in a bin. As I said, its easier to complain about it than do something about it. Sure, the owners should have put the bag in a bin bu then see 1) above. Better to see it in a bag by the side of the road than find it all over your shoes, surely?

  5. Richard says:

    No No No. You should inform the council (moan if you like). They employ people who’s job it is to clean it up. Moreover they can attempt to target the offenders and prosecute them. If these people cannot afford the fines then take their dogs away and have them put down if needs be.

  6. Dave says:

    Quite right Richard , Have them put down don’t blame the dogs.

    We could erect some gallows on the heath and sell tickets

  7. JOF says:

    I must add that to my list of things to bring when I go for a stroll – umbrella, mobile phone, endless supply of disposable gloves. I know, I’m just a lazy ingrate – in complete contrast to those hard-working dog-owners who are so busy they actually don’t have the time to bin their own plastic bags. Indeed why stop there. Maybe I should clean the streets properly when I’m walking and bring a broom, and plastic bags, and perhaps one of those streetsweeper’s trolley things.

  8. Capability Bowes says:

    There really is nothing quite so annoying as smart alecs who deliberately subvert the issue so that they can bang their own drum. Except dog shit on the pavements, I suppose. And Richard. I put them in the same category.

  9. Hey – Chaps! Play nice, eh…

  10. John says:

    It’s hardly crime of the century but I’d love someone to find CCTV footage of these dog owners & name & shame them.

    Now if Greenwich Time did something like this then it might start being worthwhile (sorry, don’t want to drag this down that tangent.)

  11. Michael Kaye says:

    Not entirely sure what the Olympics has got to do with the question.

    • yes it’s not nice but the poo is bagged so do yourself a favour and put it in the bin.

    • Contact the council and ask them to investigate. You could ask for new poo bins to be installed but I wouldn’t hold your breath – 4 years ago I was promised a new bin new vanbrugh park and it’s yet to materialise.