Hornfair Water Feature

Okay folks, I have a request to make.

Not for me (for once) but for Matt, who works for (Royal) Greenwich Council and who has been tasked with installing a new water feature at Hornfair Park, at the rose garden above.

He’d really like to┬áre-create the original feature. Normal budget restrictions do apply so he confesses this could be a tall order but what makes it an even taller order is that he has no idea what it actually looked like. Despite searching Heritage archives and park management files he says he’s had no joy in finding a picture that includes the old fountain.

So now he’s asking us if anyone has any photos, or even memories, of what this feature looked like. It was still around in the 80s or 90s, so maybe, just maybe someone has a picture of themselves as a kid playing there with the fountain in the background or can remember being dunked in it or something. I get the feeling Matt would be grateful for any pointers at all as to what he should be putting there and short of looking at other parks of Hornfair’s age, he’s a bit stuck…

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hornfair rose
hornfair rose

4 Comments to “Hornfair Water Feature”

  1. RogerW says:

    Has he tried a guy by the name of Andy Hoines, who may have come across pictures of the park, as a whole, as a result of his research on the lido.
    (Sorry, I don’t have any contact details for him)

  2. valley_girl says:

    Has Matt tried the LMA? LCC Parks Committee papers are held here. There are some for this park – known as Charlton Playing Fields at the time the park was first laid out.

  3. Toni Hale says:

    I never remembered a fountain as such when I worked here in the 80s however, it did have a slight splurge in the middle rising up a little. But the thing that made it a water feature is that it had plenty of fish in it with water lilies, and plants all around. However, it was not surrounded by a fence. Hope that helps.

  4. Toni Hale says:

    Maybe if Greenwich Council consulted with the residents in the area they would get a real insight to what it looked like. There are people here who still live near the park who have lived here for over 40 odd years some even longer. Allowing them to participate with information would really give people a sense of inclusion as there has not been much of it of late.