Greenwich Then and Now (7)

Isn’t this glorious?

It’s a (very rare) postcard of the interior of the Pavillion Cafe in Greenwich Park, up by the Observatory – this one, in case your memory needs jogging:

And what a picture. I just love the chandelier – they really knew how to take afternoon tea in Edwardian times. The splendid clock on the wall, the chintz curtains, the grand cabinet of sugary goodies at the back courtesy of Mr J. Hendry (presumably the proprietor) the groovy gas lamps, the floral arrangements, the carved wooden/marble counter, the windsor chairs and the marble tables – it’s all just so – well, civillised.

John Bold tells me it was built between 1906-7 by Sir Henry Tanner of the Board of Works and cost a memorable £1066. It was originally open around the outside at the bottom, with a veranda, which would have looked much daintier – the colonnaded balcony was covered-in in 1967.

Here’s pretty much the same scene now:

It’s okayl – in fact, apart from their frankly steep prices for what you get – the fare is unexciting but does a job, but I still think it’s far too expensive even given its situation – I quite like the cafe now, with its double-decker mezzanine and bright lighting, along with the extra bit around the outside, where they filled in the balcony.

But I can’t help rather wishing I could step into my time machine, don my Edwardian tweed cloak and tricorn and enjoy afternoon tea from the pavillion’s true heyday…

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Greenwich pavillion cafe winter low
Greenwich pavillion cafe winter low

inside pavillion jan 2012
inside pavillion jan 2012

Refreshment Pavillion Greenwich Park low
Refreshment Pavillion Greenwich Park low

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  1. wizbowes says:


    Tried to look at the Then & Now archive. There only appears to be posts 7,6 and 1 in there. Are the others lost forever or will they be coming back?


  2. I may have forgtotten to tag them. Try poppiing Greenwich Then and Now into the search engine on the blog – yuo may have better luck…