A Stitch in Time

Jim has a problem many of us face at one time or other – a small job around the house needing doing. Not big enough for it to be a major deal, but irritating and something that if it’s not seen to might turn into a bigger issue. He says

I need someone to re-establish a loose fence post in my back garden and would like to use someone local, but haven’t a clue who to ask.

There are, of course, many ‘no job too small’ handy men/women advertising in the local papers and newsletters and some of them are total gems but I know from bitter experience that firms that look promising in the small ads can’t all be trusted.

I’m not aware that there’s anyone in my Trusted Tradespeople section who does general small jobs, so I’m asking here – have you used anyone local who’s done a good job for you?

One Comment to “A Stitch in Time”

  1. Old China says:

    I recommend “postcrete” from B&Q. Essentially concrete dust that you just pour into the hole and follow it up with water. It sets in situ and should hold the post.

    (disclaimer – read instructions first to be sure!)