Work in Progress

At last, Building Site Greenwich seems to be reaping at least some rewards. The wraps are off the restored cherubs at St Alfege Church (jury still out on that one, I couldn’t get a good enough look as the workmen were still taking down the boards when I was there but I’m a little worried).

And Cutty Sark Gardens actually appears to have – heavens – some actual gardens going in. There’s soil and everything:

The bit that we’ve got so used to there being just a narrow alleyway between the ship and the houses that it’s hard to remember it being open once is now a little more cramped as beds are going in there too:

Hope the sides are going to be a bit more interesting than breeze blocks…

At the other end, the wraps are still on the foot tunnel domes at both ends, but there surely has to be progress on them now?

As for the Cutty Sark herself, well I was last there on Wednesday and my photos are already out of date. The rigging crew are working like mad at the moment

so fast, in fact, that I can’t keep up.

so the last pics are cheats – taken by Rod, who has the pleasure of seeing it all happen every day from the comfort of his own home.

I’m telling you – it’s tall up there now:

But at last it seems everything’s coming together. The new architectural school on the Stockwell Street site is taking its time – but to be fair they did start after everyone else and do proper archaeology and everything.

Now, if only the ‘Heart of East Greenwich’ could take some notes…

Topping off the main mast

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Topping off the main mast
mainmast rod low

Cutty mast closeup2 low
Cutty mast closeup2 low

Cutty vista 1 rod low
Cutty vista 1 rod low

low cutty sark gardens 6
low cutty sark gardens 6

low cutty sark gardens 5
low cutty sark gardens 5

low cutty sark gardens 4
low cutty sark gardens 4

low cutty sark gardens 3
low cutty sark gardens 3

low cutty sark gardens 2
low cutty sark gardens 2

low cutty sark gardens 1
low cutty sark gardens 1

8 Comments to “Work in Progress”

  1. Valoma says:

    WELL PHANTOM What on earth has St Alfege Church done this time, not content with smashing up grave stones.Have you seen what they have done to the “restored cherubs”? completely buggered.They now look like somthing one might buy down in home base or B&Q Was Delap incharge?

  2. Valoma says:

    And while I`m on my high horse will someone do somthing about that ghastly drinking hole that is to my mine open far too late desperados (we call it “the Last chance salon”) with it`s voodo dolls stuck all over the frontage.
    Now will collect the youngest, and have a large G&T

  3. To be fair, the church had nothing to do with the gravestone debacle.

    I couldn’t see the cherubs faces well enough to know if they’re okay or not. I’ll try to get a closer look over the weekend. Personally I’d have restored everything else and left the cherubs alone.

  4. Steve says:

    I’ve heard rumours that HoEG is restarting this year. Marketers for the site’s proposed residential properties have been reported visiting the area’s newer developments checking out prices…

  5. Rod says:

    Apropos the headstones, Rob at has posted a summary of dates when the Payback team worked in the park, and what work was undertaken by them, as below -

    “Work Carried out :

    1. Make raised beds for Community Gardens –

    Commenced with Friends of the Church2.

    Clear more of the NE gate area

    – Commenced

    3 Cut Back overgrown shrubbery beds –

    Council /Friends of Church

    4. Clear old Ivy roots from walls –


    The London Probationary Trust has, therefore, at last, made its position clear. Why this has had to be dragged from them is unclear to me, but they are now stating that they only did legitimate tasks, often with members of the Friends’ group working alongside them.
    Six months after this disgraceful event, we are still no nearer the truth, but with the release of this information, the focus, in my view, turns back onto Mr Delap.

  6. Jeremy says:

    Also, the greenhouse in St. Alfege park has been taken down. Where is it now I wonder?

  7. Chris says:

    Permit me a moment of Monday morning madness.

    The mention of cherubs reminded me of the song by Half Man, Half Biscuit entitled, “99 percent of gargoyles look like Bob Todd.”

    Thank you.

    And, on topic, I still think that Greenwich town centre is unbelieveably shabby and gives the impression that no-one really cares.

    And that’s a shame.

  8. PiratesPatch says:

    Have to say, l like the cladding on the new pier building…the gold matching that of parts of the sark….and the nice wood effect too of the pier.

    all looking very nice…looking forward to tasting quality tea at Harbour and Jones and looking over the lovely new gardens come the summer…though before and after the games!