When Should Railway Work Be Done?

ZZZZ asks:

Are you aware of the Maze Hill rail works nightmare? Every night now for two weeks pneumatic drilling late on. I appreciate works have to happen but surely this is a no-trains day activity rather than through the night. Would it be possible to post something asking people to call Greenwich Noise Team on 0208 9218921. Perhaps if we all complain something can be done?

Yes, I’ve been following Mary Mills’s efforts on Twitter (@maryorelse ) and the total inability of (I assume) Network Rail to keep to any promises about at least making an effort to be quiet. And certainly pneumatic drills in the middle of the night seem a bit much.

This is an interesting debate though – and I suspect that much of where you stand on this is whether you live close enough to be affected by the noise or far enough away to be affected by lack of trains at a weekend – and if this has been going on for a fortnight already, presumably that’s a lot of weekends.

When should rail work be done?

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  1. Gordon Cooper says:

    Our garden backs onto the A102 – TFL are always doing works out back at night and we never get consulted or pre-informed.