When A Child is Born

This is really last year’s news, but since I spent most of last week alternately celebrating rather too much or in bed ill (these two situations may or may not have been connected) all I could do was think ‘aaaah’ when the splendid IanVisits told me about this story from theĀ Met Police website .

But it fits in with my new year’s resolution not to be so damn grumpy all the time and to be more positive in general, and I haven’t seen this anywhere else (though I’ve been bad at keeping up with the news, even before Christmas so I’m probably last to know – hell – it’s probably even been in the News Shopper…) but – hey – here goes…

It’s the story of two police officers, Chris Clare and Martin Avis, who were at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. It had been a fairly normal night so far – they’d been on Plumstead High Street, come across a bloke wielding an axe, and taken him to hospital after a struggle (I don’t want to think…)

While they were there, they met up with a couple of other officers. Vicki Hurst and Leuan Hill had brought in another suspect. The four suddenly noticed, across the benighted car park, a man and a woman struggling. Given the contents of their evenings so far, they assumed they were witnessing an assault and rushed over – only to realise that the pair were actually in some distress.

The woman was giving birth. The couple had got as far as the hospital but the baby wouldn’t wait the extra few moments to get across the car park and the husband was torn between going to get help and staying with his terrified wife.

In a scene all Police PR people must dream of, the four delivered the baby right there, doing the whole wrapping the baby in swaddling bands a T-shirt from the mother’s overnight bag and protecting mother and child with the standard issue police greatcoat thing (which reminds me of that urban myth that a pregnant woman can legally demand a policeman’s helmet to urinate in, shielded from view by the officer’s cape…)

Baby Phoenix was born 17th December 2011, weighing 5lb 14oz.

So a lovely (old) story to mark the start of my new, Positive Phantom year.

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