Scrummy Pubs

Ruairi asks:

The big one’s coming this weekend. The Six Nations is starting and I hear the Queen is putting on some fireworks in Greenwich to celebrate.

As an Irish Greenwichian I am particularly grateful that she has decided to put the display on just after the Wales-Ireland match on Sunday.

I have explained this to rugby type friends who have decided to make the huge trek south of the river to experience the occasion. So, dear Phant, I am looking for suggestions for the best pub to watch the match in Greenwich before running out to the victory fireworks?

The Phantom replies

Congratulations on persuading your friends to venture South into the badlands…

Well, if the Plume of Feathers in Park Vista is showing the match, it’s a good pub and very close to two entrances of the park. That would be my personal choice.

Failing that you could try Hardy’s on Traf Road – it will be a different experience – probably a bit louder. There are sadly no pubs up Maze Hill or Crooms Hill any more – though there used to be – both the George and the Green Man are long gone. I guess there’s the Greenwich Park Bar & Grill, or whatever they’re calling the former Gloucester Arms this week, just across from the St Mary’s Gate entrance, though I don’t know if they have a TV. The Kings Arms, a little further down has one, though, I believe. The Tolly is probably a little too far for the dash.

No – for my money it’s the Plume every time…

BTW I understand that the park will be open until 6.30pm on Sunday to allow for Royal Fireworks.

8 Comments to “Scrummy Pubs”

  1. Sheila says:

    Olivier’s jazz bar on Nevada Street usually shows the 6 Nations too and has a great atmosphere for the French games in particular…. Also very close to the park.

  2. 58frankh says:

    If your contributors are going to start calling themselves Greenwichians (even the Irish ones)I’m off to the Deptfoprd Dame.

  3. Franklin says:

    The Plume every time – rugby or no rugby! Best pub in London, bar none!

    PS. 58frankh – what’s your preferred nomenclature for us local denizens? “Greenwich-ites”? “Greenwich residents”? (bleh)

    Good on you Ruairi on getting your mates down to the Park and the local (great) boozers to enjoy the rugger!

  4. Aidan says:

    The Vanbrugh on Colomb Street is a fine pub which always shows the six nations.

  5. annabel says:

    can you tell me where the fireworks will be and at what time, I had no idea?
    thank you

  6. Adrian says:

    The Tolly (Richard the First) on Royal Hill is very rugby friendly (Shane the landlord is a big rugby man). They have a 55″ TV set up for all the 6 nations matches. Sadly I won’t be there in the green this weekend, but definitely for the future games.

    A 5 pint Guinness dash should get you the fireworks in about 5 minutes.

  7. Scott says:

    The Vanbrugh normally shows sports and is a pretty decent pub as well. It’s at the Eastern end of Maze hill station.