One Tree Less at One Tree Hill

Graham, our resident expert on everything Meridian, is getting fed up with gloomy stories about mouse-droppings and muggings (though I have to say I’ve been enjoying the comments on the crackling joint effort between Mr Dring and the Old Bill chasing the wurst tea-leaf in the world whose poultry decision to rob a mobile dog & bone in front of Royal Hill shoppers couldn’t have been rasher. What a carrion, eh…) and decided to cheer me up with this beautiful photo he took back in 2009 of – you guessed it – another angle of the Meridian Line, from the Eliza benches at One Tree Hill, then ruined it all by telling me that the fabulous, contorted branches of this particular specimen are no more.

No – it’s not the Olympics – it’s just plain old age – and a very blowy night sometime in the past few weeks. It would seem that no one was around when it fell – maybe it didn’t even make a sound.

Graham tells me it was still standing just before Christmas, but when he went past the other day, it had all been cleared away; all that remains¬†”is a rather rotten looking trunk and a temporary barrier on the hillside below it while the fence that it smashed into is repaired.”

So a beautiful picture, but a less lovely story. Think I’ll go back to the greasy cookers, ¬†mouse-droppings and bad meat puns…


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One Tree Hill tree gone...Graham Dolan
One Tree Hill tree gone…Graham Dolan

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