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See this? It’s Sir Spencer Wilson, opening the Maryon Park in 1909. Nice picture, eh? I just love the hats. And it’s all the nicer for its being only recently discovered in someone’s photo album and brought along to the Charlton Reminiscence Project, run by Carol Kenna (she of Greenwich Mural Workshop…)

The project, which collates history through people, is about half-way through now, and they’re having a special Reminiscence Event where they’ll be exhibiting some of the pictures, maps and ephemera local people have brought along to be scanned, sharing memories, and collecting new examples of both. They are particularly interested in stories, photos and reminiscences related to Hornfair, Charlton, Maryon Wilson, and Maryon Parks, Gilberts Pit and Barrier Park – so photos like this:

of Fairfield Road in Old Charlton are gold dust to them. Postcards, too – like this one of Charlton House in the 1890s, when it had a massive wall around it, are gratefully scanned and logged:

Carol told me that the website wouldn’t be up and running until Feb 1 but I’ve just checked and it looks great to me.

The Reminiscence Event will be in Charlton House Old Library on Wednesday 1st February and Thursday 2nd February 2012 between 9am and 4pm each day – they’ll be delighted to meet people with stories or things, but it’s probably a good place to see some exciting local history even if you don’t have anything new/old to share.

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Charlton House, 1890's abt
Charlton House, 1890′s abt

Fairfield Rd, Old Charlton
Fairfield Rd, Old Charlton

1909 Maryon Park opening Sir Spencer Wilson_
1909 Maryon Park opening Sir Spencer Wilson_

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