Dwarf and Lime

No, not a particularly unappetising new cocktail recipe, but two (very) loosely related things today; some potentially interesting news, and a continuing bit of minor ho-hum.

So – good stuff first. Fellow local blogger, Lara sent me an update on the Dwarf Orchard. Apparently some people have been a little worried about a potential ‘sale’ of the orchard, and though it’s been on the cards for some time, it’s not been very clear what’s going on.

It’s nothing sinister – merely the council putting control of the orchard back into the hands of Royal Parks, so that it’s all under the same body. It was leased to them anyway, so selling it just means it becomes ‘official.’ Seems pretty sensible to me – after all it wasn’t doing much under council control, and Royal Parks has the clout – and probably the cash – to make it work for its keep.

As you can see from Scared of Chives’s pic (which were taken last year and therefore out of date – more will have been done by now but of course, sadly, I haven’t seen it) all the weed-tree sycamores have gone, allowing the ancient mulberry to breathe, it’s been re-lain out and there have been a couple of dozen fruit trees planted. It’s early days but as the trees mature, it will regain something of what it might have been like in the 17th/18th centuries when it was a baby orchard.

According to a letter from local councillor Dick Quibell,

In the spring, the orchard will start being opened to school parties one day each week (and probably allow public access at the same time), and they are looking into ways to open it to the public at large for one day a week as well.  This will require setting up a list of volunteers who agree to open the gate, and supervise visits to ensure the orchard is not damaged.  The RPA will shortly start trying to identify a list of volunteers through local amenity societies etc.

Sounds like another way to get involved. And I’m finding it hard to fault such a plan.

Slightly less fun is the continuing lack of seats around the lime trees at the St Mary’s Lodge Gate. Now this may not seem like a big, deal and, in the big scheme of things, it’s not.

But for a couple of weeks a year, those seats are some of the heavenliest places in Greenwich to be. I’m talking of the fleeting moments of scents in late June/ early July when the lime trees are in flower and smell like a little piece of paradise. Here they are when the trees are at their best. Note the seats, under which a Phantom can sit and dream…

The seats disappeared last year some time. And, as you’ll see from Stephen’s picture, they’re still gone.

Short of the Cow and Coffee Bean cafe complaining about lack of custom due to people bringing their own, I’m suspecting that they were taken down for the Olympic test events and hoping that they will be reinstated after the Olympic real-thing, but for this year I’ll need to find another place to sit and smell the limes – or improvise. Come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea. Come June I’ll be the loony sitting underneath a small green tree in a stripy deck chair with a nice flask of tea.

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low lime tree no seat stephen
low lime tree no seat stephen

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dwarf orchard soc low 2

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dwarf orchard SoC low

7 Comments to “Dwarf and Lime”

  1. Stephen says:

    “I’m suspecting that they were taken down for the Olympic test events and hoping that they will be reinstated after the Olympic real-thing”

    As long ago as that? Unless my memory is playing tricks I thought the seats had been taken away within the last month or so, or maybe it’s just one of those occasions when I just didn’t notice and assume things are there, until I realised they actually weren’t.

  2. No – I’m pretty sure I talked about this with someone a few months ago – Scared of Chives, perhaps? I don’t think we discussed it on the blog then, as I thought it was temporary.

  3. sc says:

    My flat overlooks the park and I have a view directly into the orchard. I can take some pics tomorrow am before work if you are interested to see its current state. Much greener than the above pictures nd building type materials are gone but doesnt seem that different – though i sure will seem less sparse as the trees grow.

  4. scared of chives says:

    Can’t recall, sorry.

    Just behind the wall where the photo was taken there’s a well – which i think you’ve..er…covered.

  5. Well, SOMEONE’S covered it ;-)

  6. Jeremy says:

    One of the benches is under a tree at Crooms Hill Gate. Dunno where the other three are!

    They were moved before the test event for sure.