It’s Curtains For You

Kate asks:

Do you perhaps know of anyone local who makes up curtains please? I can source my own fabric. The local curtain shops are too expensive for me, so wondered if you knew of anyone local who’s good at making up curtains?

The Phantom replies:

I have never used her services, so cannot comment on quality, but I’ve seen Sue Whimster adverts for years in the Westcombe News. Not sure what her prices are.

Can anyone else recommend a curtain runner-upper?

3 Comments to “It’s Curtains For You”

  1. scared of chives says:

    I used Sue Whimster on all my main curtains and she’s brilliant. Not a ‘cheap’ option though.

  2. Robert Number 16 says:

    Not a maker upper (just an idea) I always buy curtains second hand from “The Curtain Exchange” they are in various locations. Last set of curtains I bought from them cost made up new £15000 (Yes not £1500) I bought them for £700

  3. Lorella says:

    Julie Astell is a fantastic curtain/blind maker. She lives in Orpington but has quite a few customers around Blackheath. I always found her very reasonable and I’ve recommended her to some friends that also were very pleased with her services.
    Her mobile no. is 0774 831 0636

    Hope this helps.