We Will Have Snowballs…

First of a short series of turn-of-the-20th-Century Greenwich Christmas cards from the Phantom Collection today.

This is not a rare shot – there are quite a few of these postcards around – and often have the exact same scene in the snow by night, with an eerie moon but it’s rare that it’s in colour – and unique, now that it has actually been used.

In case you can’t read the writing, it intriguingly says

Wait until Xmas, Pat. We will have snowballs here, when you come. Hurry up. Dickie.

On the back it is addressed to a Miss Shalf in Walsall, Staffs and postmarked 8.00pm , 6th December 1903.

Who were Pat and Dickie? Long-distance sweethearts? Brother and Sister? Cousins? Neighbours? Friends?

I guess we’ll never know, though sadly Pat could have taken her time after all. Christmas 1903 was just bloomin’ wet. Dickie would have had to have waited for another three years for his snowball fight, but he would have had a beezer of a time then. Boxing Day 1906 saw heavy snow in London…

I had my first snowball ever last Saturday when I confessed to pals at a party that when I was a kid in the 70s all the adults drank them but I was too young and was never allowed to try them.

My pals, shocked, suddenly switched to retro-ville, dug around the back of the cocktail cabinet for a crusty old bottle of advocaat and we all went back to 1976. If you’ve never tried one, it’s not nearly as disgusting as people might make you think. Actually, I’ve become quite addicted to them this Christmas…


2 measures Warninks Advocaat (I’m told to avoid cheap own-brand versions)

1/4 measure of Lime Cordial

Top up with Lemonade.


Serve in the cheesiest Hi-Ball glass you own with a maraschino cherry. Mmmm

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low Christmas observatory postcard colour
low Christmas observatory postcard colour

One Comment to “We Will Have Snowballs…”

  1. Nick says:

    Can you possibly post a scan of the other side of the Post Card ? I may be able to trace the address on the 1911 census.