That Siren Again

Okay so I DEFINITELY heard that siren again this morning – so not a Sunday and not my imagination. 7.00am. Sounds Charltonish.

Still don’t know what it is, but if it’s supposed to be an effective warning one might think that it would be at its most helpful if someone knew what it was supposed to mean, when it was just being tested and when we ought to be afraid, very afraid…

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  1. P & D says:

    Having re read your previous thread on this matter I saw that there was a lot of conjecture about The Barrier so decided to give them a call. I spoke to a very helpful lady called Jane who said that they did sound a ‘claxon’ every time the barrier moves as a warning to other river users. She thought about trying to mimic the sound over the telephone but thought her colleagues would think her slighty dotty so declined.

    Jane was kind enough to telephone the control room for The Barrier and ask if the claxon had been sounded this morning at about 7am. I am pleased to report that we can eliminate The Barrier from our enquiries as no claxon/siren was sounded by The Thames Barrier at 7am this morning.

    Interestingly enough, The Barrier controller (I have no idea if he is fat or not) told Jane that he too had heard the noise for the first time this morning. He thinks that from his elevated position the noise comes from between The Barrier and the peninsula and suggests we speak with TfL. His thinking is that there are dredgers on that stretch of the river and several works for Crossrail and the cable car, all of whom would have to sound an audible warning when operating machinary on the river.

    Well, if nothing else, we now have Jane and the crew of The Thames Barrier intrigued and if we find out they would very much appreciate a call to let them know what ‘it’ is.

  2. Wow – thanks for going to so much trouble, P&D! I confess it does sound closer than the barrier. The dredgers up at the sand docks in Charlton sound like a good bet…

  3. P & D says:

    I’ve spoken to a contact at The Port of London Authority who is making enquiries.

    I love a good mystery!

  4. So do I – especially when someone else is playing sleuth!

  5. With a serious hat on, though, it would be good for a few people in authority to know what it is in case of terrified pensioners, newbies or phantoms.

    Sirens are traditionally something to worry about – and although this is almost certainly not something for our ears, we do hear it – and early in the morning can definitely put the willies up one…

    (no obvious gags, okay..)

  6. Old China says:

    I heard the claxon many months ago and well before any work started on the cable car, so I’m sure it’s not that. Could be machinery hazard warning I guess.

    I do hope that it turns out to be some kind of “London Under Threat” practise warning though!

  7. Dazza says:

    Think yourselves lucky!!

    For months, I’ve been hearing disembodied voices whilst in our bathroom. And believe me that’s no joke at 3am when you still half asleep… about up and willies!!

    Found out the other day, it’s the bl**dy tannoy at Sainsburys Petrol Station!!

    Kept wondering why I was being told to ‘put it back in the holder and wait for a reset’!!!!!!!

  8. scared of chives says:

    Is it a warning that Sebastian Coe is visiting?

  9. nicola says:

    Thank goodness…I thought it was just me hearing things!! I have heard it for a few months now.

  10. cerletone says:

    GP: Some of these are hilarious, I do think we need a “like” or “recommend” button. Dazza’s post could have been written for One Foot in the Grave.

    I live in Charlton Village and I’ve not heard anything.

  11. P & D says:

    Ooh, just talking to a friend in Stockholm and they had an unannounced and full on air raid warning this morning……spooky.

  12. RogerW says:

    A bit off-topic, but back in the 1960′s, my primary school was along Eltham Road.
    There used to be a WW2 air raid siren nearby, which they used to test every now and again, which would cause some interruption to classes.
    I suppose, back in those days of the Cold War, you just never really knew when you might have needed them again :(
    It used to be at the junction of Eltham Road and Kidbrooke Park Road, by the end of the playing fields, though it’s long gone, now.

  13. David says:

    I asked this some months ago (the original post) and Im so glad to see the group of sleuths growing.

    I heard it not long agao again, and my weary tears of reluctant indifference tell me that I feel Im never going to know the truth…

    Im slap bang in the middle of Maze Hill and lord it sounds very close to me. i’d say no further than the Plume of Feathers or the Vanburgh Tavern the other way (pubs as measurement/directions/landmarks seem to work for most)

    Reward: One pint (of beer) in both for the person who finds out the truth first!

  14. cerletone says:

    I heard the siren this morning here in Charlton Village. Was 7am and lasted at least 30 seconds

  15. Justin says:

    I live on the river at Grays in Thurrock and hear sirens quite regularly (in fact there is one sounding now. I always assumed it was the QE2 bridge or Tilbury docks. The flood sirens were dismantled nearly 2 years ago along the low lying parts of the Essex coast. Comforting when I know 9 people died on the site my house was built on during the great floods last time.

  16. Steve says:

    As a GMV resident I’ve heard this a number of times at 7am on a Monday, and I’m pretty sure it’s the Tarmac site between us and the barrier to signal works starting or a ship commencing loading.

  17. JR says:

    Heard it again yesterday, Monday 20th (and I think the Monday before) at 7. I am near Woolwich Road/Blackwall tunnel and the bedroom faces up and down river, the siren definitely seems to come from either the peninsular or towards Greenwich rather than Woolwich. Mind you I am still a bit groggy when I wake so could be mistaken, but am glad that I haven’t awoken to a nuclear wasteland.