Ship in a Bottle

Thanks to all the people who sent me various links to the story about the plans to raise enough cash to keep rather wonderful Ship in a Bottle by Yinka Shonibare, that’s been enjoying the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, and raise it outside the Sammy Ofer Wing.

According to The Guardian a Korean art collector has a beady eye on the piece for his back garden but The Art Fund has set a new precedent in offering cash to help the nation buy a piece of contemporary art and the mini-Victory-in-a-bottle may well be coming our way (to much gnashing of teeth by Portsmouth, I assume…) With a complicated deal that takes in tax concessions, the fact that London paid for the materials, construction and sundry other wheezes, they’ve succeeded in – well, cheating a little, actually – and getting a price of about half what the Korean guy was offering. But then all’s fair in Love, War and Art…

All they need to do is raise the rest. Apparently 70,000 text-message fivers would do it.

Personally I think it’s lovely. Not sure exactly where in front of the Maritime Museum they’d put it, given that King Billy already has pride of place and Captain Cook should be coming home soon, but hey, where there’s a giant glass bottle with a gaily-coloured sailing ship, there’s a way. Perhaps it could go in Cutty Sark Gardens next to the tea clipper as a not-quite mini-me.

Of course if we get the baby Victory, I think we then need to start the campaign to get the real thing moved to Greenwich too…

If you want to donate, here’s the link


Thanks to Stephen for the pic below, which reminds me that the cork has 1805 stamped on it. Cool.


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5 Comments to “Ship in a Bottle”

  1. Old China says:

    I also like the bottled Victory. I think Greenwich would make a great permanent home for it.

    My only disappointment is that the giant blue chicken isn’t taking Victory’s place on the plynth from Jan.

  2. Lara says:

    Oh no! I voted for the blue chicken! Boooo!

  3. Joe F says:

    … “the mini-Victory-in-a-bottle may well be coming our way (to much gnashing of teeth by Portsmouth, I assume…)”. Just a reminder that, while Portsmouth likes to claim all things ‘Victory’, she was actually built and launched hereabouts in Kent, at Chatham, as was the ship that inspired that other outstanding artwork, Turner’s Fighting Temeraire.

  4. scared of chives says:

    Turner’s Fighting Temeraire – if I’m not mistaken, isn’t the sun in the ‘wrong’ place – west instead of east, or vice versa…?

  5. Dunno – but just to keep things sort of topical I’m pretty sure it was moored just about where the statue of Dr Salter was half-inched when Turner painted it…