Move Along, Folks…Nothing to See Here.

Is it a conspiracy? Almost certainly not.

Am I overreacting? I am sure of it.

Is it just the tiniest bit fishy? Yeah, maybe, perhaps just a bit.

The University of Greenwich, in constructing their new Architecture School in Stockwell Street have (apart from choosing a rather dull set of plans) done absolutely everything right by the ancient site they’re building on. They’ve had a proper dig and published the results, carefully logging and preserving anything good they found. I’m looking forward to seeing it all displayed at some point.

But when a reader saw some arches that had been newly-revealed by the diggers the day before yesterday, Rob was curious to know what they were (well, wouldn’t anyone be…)

He told me that the University reckon they’re just from the 1920s, that they’re not of any particular interest but that they’ve taken some pictures for posterity.

I’m sure the arches are indeed unexciting. I don’t know enough (or indeed anything) about the history of brickwork to be able to tell. But when several people thought that the arches looked older than 20th century, presumably because of the size of the bricks, Rob thought he’d go down and take a look. He was, however, prevented from seeing the arches because the contractors had not-at-all-subtly covered them up – with some large bits of rubble in front of one and a couple of metal drums in front of the other.

Of course it would be hugely inconvenient to find anything that needed proper investigation at this stage in the building. Not to mention expensive.

But why bother covering up something that is so uninteresting?

6 Comments to “Move Along, Folks…Nothing to See Here.”

  1. Dazza says:

    OOOOOO, I do love a nice conspiracy in the morning!!!

    One would assume that as they were arches that something was underneath. A bit worrying that they should ‘find’ voids that they didn’t know about.

    Still, the next step is the ‘missing’ JCB (fallen in hole??)

  2. scared of chives says:

    Where are Per and Dominic from Subterranean Greenwich and Kent..?

  3. Geoff3 says:

    I saw the arches and they looked a lot older than the 1920′s, they were very similar looking and built like the older red brick walls they excavated earlier in the year.

  4. PiratesPatch says:

    Well….either some more kilns, as was popular around that area, or more likely, the tunnels that use to link into the old Train station where the Hotel now sits!

    Lets hope they dont hit that old V2 Bomb!

  5. PiratesPatch says:

    That would be the Greenwich Park station and Line.
    must be part of that..or aliens buried deep beneath us….wonder why l hadnt seen fat frank around!

  6. Chris says:

    Don’t worry about unexploded V2s. They didn’t need detonators as hitting the ground at well over the speed of sound used to be perfectly adequate to set ‘em off.