Cutty Sark Christmas Tree

Sometimes you really do get what you wish for. There we were musing about the possibility of getting a Christmas  tree at the top of the Cutty Sark’s mast – with Robert Gray, Greenwich’s very own Kris Kringle, even offering to pay for it – and what do you know  - I get an email from Jim and the guys at TS Rigging Ltd (who are putting up all the masts and rigging over the next few months) this afternoon agreeing to organise it!

So – thanks to Jim & Co, and, of course, Number 16′s illustrious resident, there’s a fir up the old girl’s nightie once more. May it be the first of many…

Jim and the lads will be putting the tree up on Thursday. Sadly I’ll be away but if anyone gets a pic, I’d love to see it…

Thanks to Darren we now have a pic of the old tree…

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Cutty sark Christmas low
Cutty sark Christmas low

8 Comments to “Cutty Sark Christmas Tree”

  1. Benedict says:


  2. Kate says:

    Great news and a huge thank you to those generous people who kindly organised it :) Greenwich will finally have its Christmas spirit back :) I go away Thursday too so will sadly miss the event but I hope someone can take some pictures :)

    Out of interest…has anyone noticed the row of near-abandoned shops on Plumbridge Street behind Greenwich South Street have got their own little Blackpool Lights display?

  3. valley_girl says:

    Re Plumbridge Street: Unfortunately this event has already happened – – but probably explains the lights. There’s also the chance for locals to tell the Council what they want to see the shops used for.

  4. Kate says:

    Yes it’s such a shame that clearly someone has gone to the trouble to put some nice lights in the area and most of the shops are empty so not many people will get to see them! Problem with that area is that it’s not really a passing trade area. You really have to know about it to be going there. It would be nice to have some independent shops though there to make something of that area. Key cutting/shoe repairs would be good for that area I think.

  5. PiratesPatch says:

    Some more news on the Cutty sark and what will be in and around it…including a very fancy teashop/cafe…my kind of place!

    With lotso cake as well!


  6. PiratesPatch says:

    Mor news of the Cutty sark ‘Tea Experience’

  7. Robert Number16 says:

    Thank you PiratesPatch for that news

  8. Stephen says:

    How can a cafe cost £5.5m ?

    The whole of Discover Greenwich cost about £6m