Aerial Views

Pam asks:

Next project is to get someone to look at our TV aerial and extend line into the basement – Have no idea where to start – tried knocking on the door of the rather strange electrical establishment on Trafalgar Road very close to us – sometimes with shutters down – sometimes not but cannot raise any reply. ┬áIf you can help that would be great.

Ah, yes, I know that store – dusty windows piled to the top with intriguing-looking parts and sometimes with a telly left on at night, tuned to some odd channel. I’ve seen it open a couple of times, but yes, it does generally seem closed. Presumably it has a very specific clientele who know the hours. Not even really sure what it does though I’m guessing TV stuff.

Annoyingly someone asked this question before, but it was before the digital switchover from Blogger Phantom to WordPress Phantom and the comments are now lost, so we’re back to asking again.

There is the wonderful Valve, Amp and Resistor store in Deptford, but they seem to deal in old parts rather than new ones.

I had a leaflet shoved through my door about aerials about a month ago, but I can’t find it now. Not even sure if I kept it. But I bet someone’s had this issue before….

6 Comments to “Aerial Views”

  1. 58frankh says:

    try ringing Hane Servives in Greenwich South St – I’d be amazed if they couldn’t reccomend someone

  2. BoneyBoy says:

    A few years ago I used “Steve’s Colour Centre” in Deptford High Street 02088564214.

  3. momo says:

    The place in Trafalgar Road is called Specialist Audio Visual (SAV), phone number 0208 858 9160. They do aerial work, did mine a few years ago, and are quick and very reasonably priced.

    There’s usually somebody there to talk to after about 11am weekdays.

  4. DaveH48 says:

    Keep trying the shop on Trafalgar Road – very friendly and excellent service. They sorted out the problems with my Sky dish in no time at all.

    People seem to be around mid morning most days.

  5. Capability Bowes says:

    I’d recommend the website “Rated People” – you sign up, post details of the job you need doing and this is passed to firms who specialise. They then contact you and you arrange a quote etc. Its “feedback based” so you might well be able to do a search on the site for someone specific.

  6. methers says:

    I used when we needed a new boiler, and it worked out well.

    The aerial people may have a busy time next April when digital switchover comes to London. I’m hoping the digital signal might become strong enough to penetrate the “dip” in Westcombe Park as I’d love to be able to ditch Virgin cable.