Fireworks 2011

Yeah, I’m still catching up and am only half way through my virtual mail so sorry – this isn’t a proper post. But I must just remind all that tomorrow, come wind, rain, cold, whatever, the Blackheath Fireworks ARE on.

I was really surprised that Lewisham Council decided to continue with them this year. Last year, as you’ll remember, they were churlishly left in the lurch at the last minute by Greenwich Council, but went ahead anyway and managed to muddle through through sponsorship and getting people to put money in buckets, virtual or actual, on the night.

And they’ve been brave enough to do it again this year, again without Greenwich’s support – as far as I know, Greenwich haven’t even bothered to publicise the collection for cash for the display that so many of their residents will enjoy. Lewisham have received sponsorship from sundry local businesses but they have the begging bowl out again, and I, for one, am only too happy to contribute.

Actually, I’m still feeling pretty rough, so if the weather’s as bad as Peter Cockroft is telling us it’s going to be, I may not be around to enjoy the whizz-bangery, but the show will go ahead anyway – and I am contributing anyway. They reckon up to 100,000 people see it. If everyone put a pound in the pot, they’d be funded for three years, which is a fine thought.

Contribute here.

12 Comments to “Fireworks 2011”

  1. Monkey says:

    Yep Lewisham have come up trumps. Between sponsorship and buckets and online donations they are working hard to keep our annual fireworks fix.
    If you have problems with the online donation form do persevere (I had to try 3 times before it worked)
    Plus their text donation includes some dosh to charity – puts Greenwich Council to shame.

  2. And if you Google “Blackheath fireworks”, the first result is… the Greenwich Council website, with a message saying “Enjoy a magnificent firework display on Blackheath on Saturday 5 November 2011.” Cheeky so-and-so’s. The Lewisham Council site is second on the list…

  3. Andy says:

    I’m surprised there was no tannoy this year. Announcing that everyone can text a donation five mins before the show would have boosted their funds substantially I would have thought?!

  4. Yes – and I was looking for buckets as I arrived and left – never saw any, which is a shame as I’d planned to top up the donation.

    I thought the display was fantastic.

    Hopefully they can get the donations even easier to make next year. Paypal would be useful too.

  5. Geoff says:

    Great display as ever and fortunately the rains stayed well away. Though same as you Phantom – no buckets in site to through a few pounds in (not that I went searching for them!!)

  6. Brenda says:

    I saw plenty of buckets on Tranquil Vale and on the part of Prince of Wales road, where we were standing. The ladies on PoW road were cadets i think – wearing high vis yellow jackets.

  7. bats says:

    I was disappointed with the display. Very quiet and didn’t last as long as previous years.

    It would be interesting to know how much the council made from such a poor display.

  8. Nick Martin says:

    As far as I can tell, November 5th was quiet all over the country. Austerity measures ? Is Britain the only country which celebrates someone’s failure to do something ? Maybe the government should think of something else more worthy of celebration ? Now, let me see…..

  9. Oddly, outside of public displays Greenwich remains anything but quiet – there seem to be loads of random fireworks being set off every evening at the moment. Kids? They must have money after all…

  10. Chris says:

    At least the display didn’t go like the one at Oban where a glitch meant that a 30 minute display was reduced to 40-odd seconds….

  11. Shane says:

    We are lucky enough to be on the 11th floor of an apartment in North Greenwich, so got to see from Blackheath to Battersea fireworks! Blackheath still takes the ticket, though I though Island Gardens (I think it was) across the pond put on a fantastic show over the river too!

  12. Janice says:

    We go every year to the fireworks but this time we were very disappointed. As someone else said it lasted only a short time and never never really got going – it very much lacked the wow factor that it usually has. Had we travelled to see it we would have been a little annoyed. I think the organisers should have notified the people in advance that the show was subject to cuts.