Cutty Sark, Gardens, Pier and Trees

I’ve had a lot of questions about the pier recently. Mainly of the ‘what’s going on, then,’ variety. This is hardly surprising since no one, including me, seems to know. Stuff is going on; we’re not in the loop. But at least stuff is going on.

Every time I walk past something’s happened – which is a good thing – I am so sick of it being a building site.

The Cutty Sark has a bit more gold frou-frou, a few more panes go on the lean-to greenh0use (at least if they don’t get all the corporate functions they’re after they can grow tomatoes) and the nasty lift shaft gets a little more intrusive. Why the hell did they put it on the same side as the Old Royal Naval College?

Original plans had it disguised as a pile of tea chests waiting on the quayside to be loaded though I understand it’s now going to be glass. It’s hard to know how it will look when it’s finished. Stephen’s shots here make it look quite hard to minimise, but perhaps if they paint the girders a paler shade of grey it will blend into the general grey of the riverscape. Let’s hope.

The pier buildings are also coming on, though it all seems to have slowed down since an initial spurt earlier in the autumn. I guess it’s all going on inside now, so we don’t see it happening.  Next to them, though, we now know what the entrance will look like – a document Richard found shows – well, pretty much what we might have expected – uninspired and football turnstileish, but no better and no worse than other modern TFL constructions. Gone are the days where functional things are designed to be beautiful too, but it is, at least, going to be easy to find, which is not something Greenwich Pier has been for many years.

All in all, I find it all a bit unexciting, but at least things are happening and it should be done soon. They’re promising the Cutty Sark for Easter – so I would imagine that the other projects will be under pressure to finish then too.

The one thing that does puzzle me is the felling of two perfectly healthy plane trees by the Lewin Gate. Presumably it’s assumed patrons of the eaterie in the pier don’t want to look at leaves or maybe it’s to make the entrance clearer. It’s not the end of the world IMHO. Being a Phantom who loves green, I mourn any tree that has to go, it leaves a gap in a handsome perimeter row of planes and feels a bit unnecessary – but  in the scheme of things going on that I’m not wild about, this doesn’t even score.

I just want it all over, please.

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pier being built
pier being built

lift shaft stephen 2
lift shaft stephen 2

lift shaft 4
lift shaft 4

lift shaft 3
lift shaft 3

Cutty Sark Steve 1
Cutty Sark Steve 1

9 Comments to “Cutty Sark, Gardens, Pier and Trees”

  1. Dazza says:

    I wonder if the tree felling has anything to do with the ‘Temporary’ Market place that’s going in there? Although the time scale for that seems to be slipping too.
    I agree that it’s about time we got our Greenwich back. Many of the Tourists I speak to seem to feel let down when they arrive on the building site!
    And don’t gets started on the b£&@”"£(y liftshaft thing. Could they not have put it between the building and the Ship? Ie out of the line of view for any decent photos?

  2. Old China says:

    I can hardly remember a time when the center wasn’t a building site. What they’re building now doesn’t look ideal but I’m willing to take it over the sh*t hole it’s been for the last few years. I like the look of most of it anyway, the odd lift shaft apart. Can’t come soon enough!

  3. Stephen says:

    People who want to take photos will be able to get further away (and thus get all of the ship in) if they are on the port side. I took the photos of the horrible lift shaft thingy and it was bad enough when I first saw it. It was almost two weeks until i went there again and it had almost doubled in width.

  4. j garcia says:

    Tired of the ugly mess around the Cutty Sark? A few months after this is cleared it will be time for the market redevelopment. One great big building site until 2014.

  5. PiratesPatch says:

    You are and do encourage so many miserable people phantom….the Greenwich glass half empty brigade…

    It will look great so cheer up…and maybe the trees are ill like those in the park that had to be cut….so dont judge…then again maybe the ‘Friends’ hired the jail boys to cut them down as no more gravestones to smash!

  6. Nutters says:

    I’ve only lived in Greenwich for the past year and don’t know what it use to be like but can’t wait for everything to be tidy and in order down at Cutty Sark. It’s been such an obstacle course lately – a huge put off for visitors and tourists. I love Greenwich and so glad I came to live here (from the City of London). Thanks Phantom for making the place alive!

  7. Robert Number16 says:

    A huge thanks to “The Greenwich Phantom” I always look forward to pressing the “phantom” key on my lap top to see what interesting new bit of information you have to impart to us all.
    Like anything well done in this world, it takes a huge amount of work and preparation,it so does`nt just happen.
    kind regards

  8. Mario says:

    I do find the choice of restaurants for the pier a tad depressing; Byron Burger, Zizi? Is that the best we can do?

  9. Mike says:

    The felling of the trees would appear to be to make way for a new entrance between the ferry and the Visitor Centre. The old railings have been removed too now.