Bianco Take Away

Methers tells me he’s seen what looks suspiciously like a second branch of the fabulous Bianco Pizzaria -  in Lassell Street, though just as a takeaway/delivery service rather than eat-in. I am delighted. Too long have there been seriously substandard takeaways in East Greenwich – from those abysmal fried chicken stores through to the stuffed-crust acky-ness of Dominoes.

A few months ago the Moghul takeaway took over after the death of the frankly overpriced and under-serviced Bombay Bicycle Club (though being seriously in danger of becoming a spherical Phantom I haven’t actually tried it yet) then we got the delightful little l’Artisan, joining the re-vamped La Salumeria, both now doing rather nice coffee, and now with Bianco opening up – and I am absolutely sure they wouldn’t dream of using anything other than a wood-fired oven – perhaps having a few pals round and deciding to order some pizzas will actually be a pleasure rather than the choice between tomato ketchup on cardboard or burnt pepperoni on plastic cheese-filled sponge it currently is.

I can’t wait.

14 Comments to “Bianco Take Away”

  1. Mazer says:

    Moghul delivery is quite good TGP (although only had it twice).

    Good news on the Bianco delivery place – saves ordering from Pizza Classico on Old Kent Road TGP ? Are Bianco as good as classico though ?

  2. methers says:

    I think a taste-off between Classico and Bianco could be required. I’m willing to volunteer myself as a tester.

    I had a walk down Lassell Street this morning, and the Bianco takeaway appears to be coming on nicely. It certainly looks like they’ve got a wood-burning oven in the back there. Hurrah!

    We tried The Big Red for pizza the other day and loved it. Definitely worth the visit to Deptford:

    Also popping up on Lassell Street is the Green Parrot Gallery. It’s not open yet, but looks intriguing:,%20greenwich.html

    So East Greenwich is not only getting more foodie but also more arty. Good news all round!

  3. methers says:

    The Mogul took the gong for “Best Delivery” in the recent Greenwich Curry Club awards.

    The Gurka’s Inn also did well, making it a bit of coup for East Greenwich curry lovers.

  4. MR T says:

    My opinion – Bianco are good, but classico are slightly better if it arrives warm… classico are a bit thinner

    But I gave up long ago on classico though after one too many “we lost your order” only for them to magically know exactly what i ordered….( i have been going to zero degrees brewery until Bianco came along – but the hassle of driving meant it became a luxury rather than a regular event)

    I will be supporting Bianco though, their food is always excellent and top quality!

    Any ideas when it will open?

  5. Pip says:

    Great news. We were at Bianco last night and I asked our waiter about the new place – he seemed to think it would be the new year before it’s open but told me to keep checking their website for details.

  6. Tom says:

    Can confirm they have a wood fired oven, have seen it through the door when they have been doing the renovations.

  7. Paul C says:

    Had a quick peep inside the new Bianco when the fitters left the door open, and there is indeed a large wood-fired oven being installed.. :)

  8. Mazer says:

    Please tell us the second it opens if you hear first TGP! Very lazy here, and like someone bringing the food to us

  9. Ankur says:

    To balance the goodness of Bianco Takeaway, we also get a brand new Betfred on Trafalgar Road. Betfred was denied planning permission on Deptford High Street earlier this year ( Clearly, Greenwich Council saw no such issues on a stretch that already has Coral and Ladbrokes within spitting distance. In so far as the choice on a high street being representative of the local demographic, this is a disturbing trend. But shame on Greenwich Council for letting this part of town go to the dogs!

  10. Bookie says:

    I am also looking forward to the opening of the takeaway bianco but I can really recommend Millenium Pizza on Woolwich road. Whilst it looks like a total dive when you walk past, the pizzas are actually really tasty! You can also order online, they always deliver promptly and the pizzas are always piping hot which most other places struggle to achieve.

  11. the squirrel says:

    I’m a fairly regular customer of Moghul. Food arrived luke warm once but generally they are really good. We have loads of Indian or Nepalese takeaways and they and BH’s Everest Inn are my favs.
    good news on Biancos as have had 2 pizzas there and both were excellent. They do a tomato free pizza in the resto in Greenwich but I hope one day for a cheese free one, like you do find in southern Italy – it has tomato on it! And is delicious as well as being less fatty/fattening.

  12. Alex says:

    Been informed that they will open mid-January…

  13. methers says:

    It’s open! Well, I think so anyway. It looked ready for business when I passed by yesterday, and the website has been updated:!delivery

    Not cheap, but probably yummy. Can’t wait to try it!

  14. Paul C says:

    Have tried it several time now… a few too many times for the post-xmas waistline! Needless to say, it’s wonderful… :)