Back In the Saddle Again

Well, that went well, I thought…

So, yeah. There I was in the start of a week of quirky Greenwich Phantoms when someone somewhere decided to rattle my chains. I woke up last Tuesday morning and someone had stuffed a tennis ball in my mouth, kicked me in the kidneys and shoved me in the freezer in the night. I don’t get ill very often, but when I do it’s a doozy.

So – apologies to all for the prolonged absence and a sympathetic wave of the tricorn to anyone who happens to have the same as I’ve had. People keep nodding sagely (from a distance), telling me┬áthere’s ‘a lot of it around…’

I’ve just started to read a gigantic backlog of mail – some interesting stuff in there I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into. Hoping to get back to normal in a day or so. Seems a little tardy to continue the spectral series just now, but of course, Christmas is the traditional time for ghost stories, so expect some more of Aliahgator’s drawings and my own puerile comments on local spooks in a month or so’s time.

Thanks to everyone who’s sent little ‘worried’ notes – they were really appreciated. In the meanwhile, I’m back – more or less…

7 Comments to “Back In the Saddle Again”

  1. Robert Number16 says:

    Glad your feeling better.”Back in the Saddle Again” Best bit of camp in ages!and to think it was all filmed in Greenwich Park .

  2. scared of chives says:

    there’s a lot of it around

  3. Bad Witch says:

    Glad you are feeling better! Looking forward to reading the ghost stories at Yule.

  4. ebspig says:

    Gently does it, dear Phant. Look after yourself: tennis ball/kidney blow/freezer disease really takes it out of you.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Welcome back Phantom. You have been missed.

  6. Benedict says:

    @SoC, a lot of camping around?

  7. Old China says:

    Welcome back GP. Hope your flu didn’t get too ectoplasmic and gooey.