Three Men and a Plug

Last week, on a rambling jolly, Our Dazza, Mr DotCoDotUK and Mr Full English Himself (I have this wonderful image in my head of the three of you together – I definitely want to know if you chaps ever start wearing blazers and boaters and decide to take Montmorency on a skiff down the Thames…) were intrigued by the little object above. No prizes for guessing what it is, of course, you can get ‘em from B&Q for a couple of quid – but  its location is slightly unexpected:

The Two Robs and a Dazza were highly curious as to what an ordinary domestic plug point was doing on a pillar of the wall along Park Vista. And I have to say that it does look splendidly incongruous.

Wearing my ‘tedious’ tricorn, I’m guessing that it’s just a little power-source for sundry hedge-trimming/leaf-blowing/litter-sucking equipment, and I’m willing to bet that 99% of the time it’s isolated.

But what if it wasn’t?

What would YOU plug in to this socket? (don’t go for cheap laughs, now…) I think I’d have to go for a very long string of fairy lights, that would encircle the park with twinkles on Bonfire Night, which, BTW, I am so excited about, delighted that Lewisham Council have decided to take a deep breath,  get some funding and go ahead, despite the recession and the curmudgeons on Greenwich Council, plugging the gap with bucket collections so everyone can still enjoy them for free. They can count on the Phantom tenner…

I’d love to see the park more involved with the fireworks. Oh, I know they can’t, if only because of the poor old deer, which much have terrible nightmares every November 5th, but it doesn’t stop me dreaming of a papier-mache ‘anarchist bomb’ (see yesterday’s post) stuffed with fireworks hoisted on top of the Observatory instead of the Time Ball for one night only to be exploded as the finale to the piece…

In the meanwhile I look forward to hearing more about Three Men and their jolly British adventures in Greenwich.

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7 Comments to “Three Men and a Plug”

  1. Dazza says:

    Having read you blog today, I feel a trip with a the Three Amigo’s, a camera and the contents of the Greenwich Theatre Dressing up box……….French Maid with a 50′s Vacuum?
    Now that would be a sight………

  2. Robert Number16 says:

    Dear Phantom.
    How lovely to have you back.Firstly thank you for the subtle plug (sorry) for RFEBS.It was infact Celia and Veronica from the chat show who brought our attention to these sockets.The Olympic “powers” that be told C & V that due to all the “current” cut backs that if they needed any power for hair dryers or whatever one does with horses ,they were to use these sockets. Veronica (the tall one in the neck brace) Tells me power for the sockets are drawn from all the rather lovley houses in Park Vista.She said that they did have a lot things plugged in during the Test Event a few months ago. So she ask me to thank all the residents of Park Vista, and that, is the reason that all you LX bills have gone through the roof.
    Celia and Veronica love The Greenwich Phantom,and are so looking forward to returning next year to a nearly “tree free” Greenwich Park for the 2012 Olympics.
    PS Celia and Veronica are still looking for some where to stay during the Olympics but as yet could not find a twin room for less than £1000 a night.Any ideas for the girls?

  3. Roger Patenall says:

    Talking of the Park and fireworks, can’t help thinking that by the Observatory would be a super place to watch any fireworks at the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies for non-ticket holders if they agreed to a late opening. But, of course. The Park will be closed for six months or whatever . . .

  4. Geoff3 says:

    It’s a recharging point for Boris’s new electric car hire scheme. They’re cropping up all over London.;)

  5. Looks seriously illegal to me. An ordinary socket, on a wall in the open air? Madness.

  6. Miffee says:

    A tramp’s shaver socket?

  7. RogerW says:

    I think a fox has probably put it there as a way of marking its territory.
    It’s where they go to earth