The Fastest Milk Float in the West (of Greenwich)

There aren’t many milkmen who inspire their own memorial plaque, but back in August we talked about much-loved milkie Dough Mullins who has a plaque on the corner of Royal Hill and Burney Street. I wondered at the time about his famous red and white milk float – a step up from his dad’s old cart.

Well, I’m delighted to say that it’s still going. Even rarer than milkmen with plaques are milk-float-fanciers but we have one in Len Stevenson.

Graham’s been telling me about Len, who worked for Graham’s father, Keith Deering, since the age of 15, and whose passion is for electrical vehicle repair. When he was offered Doug Mullins’s old Morrison D4 in pretty poor condition, he leapt at the challenge. Here it is before Len’s loving hands healed it in 2005:

and here it is again, in its restored form:

A sight to gladden the heart, don’t you think? Hooray for Len and all the milk float fanciers of the world, who are as modest as they are cheery. As the creators of Milk Float Corner admit “We are not experts on the subject of milk floats – we just like them.” And while the world still has people like MFC and the Milko webring: “Milk Floats! We Love ‘Em!” then I cannot despair of humankind.

Len keeps Doug’s Float in his workshop in Surrey with his family of other electric vehicle projects but if you ever want to see it in action, it’s a fixture at the  Dunsfold Wings and Wheels show. Sadly Graham’s email got lost in the cyber post and we’ve missed it this year, but look out for it in 2012…

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Morrison Restored
Morrison Restored

d4 pre restoration
d4 pre restoration

6 Comments to “The Fastest Milk Float in the West (of Greenwich)”

  1. Chris says:

    I worked abroad during the most of the 90s.

    The above article illustrates perfectly what I missed about Blighty.

    It’s not only the fact that there is a Milk Float fanciers club (brilliant), but also there is someone willing to write about it without taking the mick!


  2. Warren says:

    I remember a story on the local news, a few years ago, about a woman who took her kids to school on a milk float.

    Anyone have any recollection of the story or know the woman?

  3. Warren says:

    Sorry, meant to say that was in Blackheath.

  4. Meirion says:

    Lived in Hyde Vale used to transport double bass if I remember correctly…

  5. Webby says:

    I can remember the first motorised milk float in our area. Tom Suffield, worked with May (now there’s a story in itself)in a shop at the corner of Christchurch Way and Pelton Road. He had a hand held float with a small motor on it. It seemed quite revolutionary at the time – replacing the old hose drawn floats. Then United Dairies came along with their fully motorised float. Left the old Co-Op behind. Think they (the Co-Op)had stables behind the Odeon Cinema.

  6. John says:

    Fantastic looking machine, Len did a great job on the restoration. I’ve just brought a Morrison D6 (pictures here soon so hope I can do as good a job!