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Sorry, folks, as you may have noticed from lack of posts last week I’ve been a bit distracted. I hope to resume service as soon as possible. I AM aware of all the things that need to go into the Parish News – some of which were for this weekend – sorry to anyone whose event has been and gone. I’ll try to update asap, but things may take a while to readjust.

In the meanwhile lots of people have been asking about what to do about the Rotunda’s predicament and I thought I’d let you know what two people have already done – and give you another address.

Capability Bowes has written to, among others, the Georgian Group. They have replied, saying they’ll look into it – but the more emails/good old fashioned letters they receive, the more priority it will get. He has also written to the Folly Fellowship (which has a fantastic collection of photos on its website).

Paul has taken a different tack and written to Save Britain’s Heritage Buildings at Risk Casework Officer, Rhiannon Tracy, who has said she’ll be looking into it too.

But ultimately this is MOD property and people have been asking me for the address to whom they should write to bring this matter to the attention of people there. Well – Secretary of State for Defense is at

Ministerial Correspondence Unit
Level 5 Zone A
Main Building
Horse Guards Avenue

I would suggest you could write to Nick Raynsford who’d have to pass it onto Liam Fox, but he’s probably already got his eye on bulldozing the lot and sticking a tower block on it. No – actually, that’s unfair. He probably would be into saving it as it needs a load of remedial building work. So yeah – write to him, too…

If anyone wants to get together and co-ordinate attacks, I’ll be happy to pass on details to each other – just tell me if you’re happy to have your details shared with others.

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6 Comments to “Rotunda Update”

  1. anonymous says:

    Welome back Phantom ,we were getting worried ,we`d all missed you.

  2. Harriet says:

    You could also set up an on-line petition on the Government webiste and if it gathers enough momentum…….(trust me petitions can work)

  3. BlackMaria says:

    It’s Secretary of State for Defence, not Defense! We’re not in America, y’know!

  4. James says:

    As someone who’s worked in a Ministerial Correspondence Unit, it’s much better to go via your local MP, as it requires a ministerial response, rather than one from a low-level flunky like myself. The content is unlikely to differ much, but still…

  5. P & D says:

    @James – I’ve followed your advice and written to Nick Raynsford.


    I would like to draw your attention to the plight of an historic building in Woolwich that has fallen in to some disrepair. I’m unsure of whether you keep abreast of the postings by one of our noted Greenwich bloggers – The Greenwich Phantom – but I would encourage you to do so if not as some local concern has been raised by myself, among others, as to the plight of The Rotunda.

    Rather than re invent the wheel I’d like to refer you to a link that will explain, in depth, what has been said over the passed month:

    In summary, the building is a Georgian structure that is owned by the MOD. As with most things, money is needed to secure the buildings structure let alone begin some meaningful restoration. We had hoped that the redevelopment of the Woolwich Barracks and, more specifically with regards to The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery stables, that the building was soon to be granted a new lease of life. Unfortunately though, although the building was used as a back drop for the glossy redevelopment brochure it was sadly not actually part of the project.

    Could I, on behalf of myself and other interested locals, ask you to write to The Honourable Secretary for Defence, Dr Liam Fox, and inquire as to the current state of the fabric of The Rotunda and if there are any plans to bring the building back to life for any military or other use? Also, would Dr Fox allow a suitably qualified civilian to survey the current state of the structure of the building if no recent survey has been completed? All of this would be with a long term objective of repairing and restoring an historic and much loved local icon to its former glory.


    We shall see….

  6. Adam says:

    I’ve written in similar terms to Nick Raynsford MP.