A Week of Greenwich Ghosts (2)

I worry for today’s odd Greenwich ghost. We know very little about the seaman who is supposed to keep watch from the crow’s nest – nothing about who is supposed to have seen him, who he might be or when he was last spotted, but I find myself wondering what’s happened to him recently, given the Cutty Sark hasn’t actually had a crow’s nest for quite some time.

Once he must have had quite a cushy job of it – dry-docked, no listing oceans, a whole bunch of other spectres to chat with and a Christmas tree every year. But what happens to phantoms whose home is first dismantled then set fire to?

I guess he could have made an almighty leap to one of the local trees, from which he can keep lookout (best views in the winter…) Or maybe he’s gone on vacation to Chatham along with his beloved crow’s nest, and he’s been having a fine old time in the dockyard. I guess Admiral Byng could have taken pity on him and got him in the with the ORNC gang. It’s even possible that, given he doesn’t actually need to physically stand on the wooden platform, he could still be manifesting away to himself way up high in the air above the ship and we’ve just not thought to look.

But I don’t know. What happens to ghosts who lose their earthly homes? I have images of phantasmagorical sleeping bags, spectral soup kitchens and spooky seamans’ missions…


Thanks to Aliyahgator for the illustration.

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